Order Your STAND Voter Guides by August 27th!

 Order your STAND Voter Guides by August 27th!

** Exciting EXTENSION for the order deadline.  Orders are now due on September 1st! **

Follow this link to check out the 2008 STAND Voter Guide as a sample of what to expect for this year.

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It’s summertime in an election year and the ads are starting, the Town Halls are underway, and the rhetoric has begun.  In 2010, we find that local community-based efforts offer hope, while politics in D.C. and Salem can seem distanced and don’t offer the bold solutions we need.  Our communities, our families and our neighbors are struggling, we have important things to focus on at home – yet we have seven state ballot measures and a slew of state candidates to consider.  How do we reconcile what’s going on in our communities with what our democracy needs of us?

For nearly 2 decades human dignity group leaders have engaged our communities in the connections between the ballot and our everyday lives. Human dignity groups of the ROP have a long history of opening dialogue and breaking down divisiveness to get to the heart of the issues.  In many communities, ROP member groups are the only active, multi-issue progressive election voice.  This election cycle let’s connect the issues we face in our households with who and what is on the ballot.

ROP is well known for our election guide, STAND: Small Town Actions for a New Democracy Voter Guide.  Our guide uses community language and a neighborly approach to talking about what is at stake this election by using a values framework highlighting our belief in democracy and human dignity.

This year ROP will again be developing a STAND Voter Guide.  Your neighbors are looking forward to receiving one personalized from you!

In order to have the printing completed and the guides in your hand in time for Fall distribution, ROP needs to receive orders from groups & members by August 27th for delivery by mid-September.

The 2010 STAND Guide will feature:
* Recommendations on the ballot measures and how they advance democracy (or not)
* Tips for choosing a candidate: getting through the rhetoric and divisiveness to find out where the candidate really stands
* Reflections on our priorities in tough times: how our vote shapes where we put our money
* Hometown Strategies – engaging our neighbors on strategies for building a local, democratic and fair economy via the ballot box and beyond

Follow this link to check out the 2008 STAND Voter Guide as a sample of what to expect for this year.  The STAND Voter Guide is legal for non-profit & community groups to use.  ROP provides the voter guide to member groups at a reduced rate.  Approximate costs are: $50/1000, $35/500, $20/ 250, $10/ 100 plus shipping.

To order your group’s voter guides by and for small town Oregonians, follow this link to a webform. Or send an email to cara@rop.org or call 503-543-8417, with answers to the below questions.  We need all orders to be in by August 27th.

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