Order your English and Spanish STAND Guides

August 23, 2012

Dear ROPnetters,

Perhaps you have been a bit distracted by this great summer weather and the deadline to place your STAND Voter Guide order passed you by.  Do not fear! You can still place an order but we need it from you ASAP.

Order your English and Spanish STAND Guides here: https://rop.org/2012-stand-voter-guide-order-form/

The 2012 guide features basic voter information: a ballot measure grid with recommendations about which measures promote democracy, information about how to register, who represents you and more.  The guide then goes further and engages voters in a conversation about what our democracy needs to actually thrive.  Check out one of our feature articles for this year’s STAND Guide below.

For the first time, we have a complete newsprint guide in Spanish as well.  The Spanish STAND Guide includes similar content, with the addition of these articles:

  • Latino Power in the Elections
  • Debunking Myths about Citizenship
  • How to be Involved even if You Can’t Vote

Place your order here today!  We need to get the final count to the printer in the next week.

Warmly, Cara

PS. If you have any trouble using the webform, please email cara@rop.org with the number of STAND Guides you want in English, in Spanish and your shipping address.


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