Off to a Great Start! Small Town Actions for Driver Cards!‏

October 3rd, 2014

Dear ROPnet,

Our October Month of Action and organizing to pass the Driver Card here in Oregon is off to a great start!

Human Dignity Advocates of Crook County set a high bar for action with their community event, “Common Sense on Measure 88.” Over forty people gathered in Prineville on a Fall night to take a look at Measure 88. In anticipation of some opposition showing up, HDA created an agenda that centered the event on reasons to support Measure 88, while still allowing for thoughtful conversation and would focus on our basic value of human dignity. The event not only shared information with existing supporters and engaged some new friends but several tea partiers were present to hear the presentation. After an evening of going deeper into the issues, one of the tea partiers even offered suggestions on strategies HDA could use to outreach to voters and expressed interest in having a similar presentation done for the Patriots. Check out photos below and more details about their event, including the agenda, here.

And be sure to check out their comprehensive power point that covers details on the driver cards with *great* framing for a small town audience. Feel free to modify and use it. Review it at your next meeting, share it with friends, or hold a stand alone event.

Congrats to the Human Dignity Advocates for starting off our Month of Action with a bang! On Saturday Unidos Bridging Communities will hold the next event!

Here is what is to come next….! Get event details here.

Oct. 4th: Simultaneous rallies in 4 different locations in Yamhill County
Oct. 6th & 20th: Phone Bank to Voters in Bend
Oct. 11th: Walk from Scappose to St Helens
Oct. 18th: Phone Bank to Voters in Scappose
Oct. 19th: March in Hermiston
Plus…. letters to the editor, community group presentations, hand delivery of thousands of STAND Voter Guides (with several feature articles on the Driver Card) and more! This is a busy month for rural Oregonians!

What can you and your group do to get in on the month of action?

Actions to say Yes on Drivers Cards, No to Deportations:

1 minute: “Like” Rural Oregonians Voting YES on the Driver Card on Facebook.

5 minutes: Endorse the campaign! Have your human dignity group go on record that you support Drivers Cards! Fill out this form.

30 minutes: Write a Letter to the Editor explaining why you are standing up for small town values by voting YES on Measure 88. LTE overview from Safe Roads Campaign is available here.

1 hour: Print out this flyer (front & back) and stop by your local Post Office, grocery store, or other high traffic place to hand them out! Hand out STAND Voter Guides as well!

2 hours: Deliver STAND Voter Guides! Local election forums, candidate forums, political fundraisers, and knocking on neighbors’ doors are great ways to distribute the only voter guide by and for rural voters. The STAND Voter Guide this year has several articles explaining why rural voters care about Measure 88! If you need more STAND Guides in English or Spanish let us know by emailing

3 hours: Hold an Action in your town or go to an event in another town! Rally, vigil, hold signs on an overpass… Read more here on how to plan an action and visit this link to read about events around the state and to share your own details.

Let us know what actions you will be planning. Be sure to send us photos and updates to and we’ll make sure to keep facebook updated and send out reports from around the state throughout the month of October.

My Best, Cara