No Soy El Army – Tour Sign-Up

Complete this form to request to host a stop on the No Soy El Army Peace Tour, August 25-30, 2010.

Completion of this form does not guarantee you a spot on the Tour, but instead, indicates your interest. Tour organizers will compile all available information and schedule the stops of the tour based on geography, time and local Host’s plan for cross-cultural community collaboration in the project.

All hosts must commit to:

  • All hosts will provide housing for the presenters and organizers (may include up to three people, community housing is fine), food for the event, thoughtful community and media outreach, and to create an outreach plan that attempts to get at least 25 attendees to the event.
  • We are encouraging hosts to coordinate with schools to encourage youth to participate in the event. Ideally the stops will be organized by or in conjunction with a local Latino organization for each community.
  • In addition, stops will be encouraged to host pre-Tour events to build relationships between peace and Latino communities before the Tour arrives in town. (For example, a showing of the movie Papers or Frozen Dreams).
  • Fundraising. The Tour is a FREE offer from ROP for our member groups; however, we encourage all groups to use this event to fundraise through a ‘pass the hat’ or donation at the door to help support the costs of the Tour.
We will let you know when the Tour schedule has been established! 
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