No Soy El Army Justice Tour — Speaker Bios

No Soy El Army Peace Tour Speakers:
  •  Jesus Palafox – Jesus is a student and an organizer with the Youth and Militarism project and Truth in Recruiting program with AFSC in Illinois.
  • Maricela Guzman – Maricela served in the US Navy. She now works for the Women of Color Action Center in the LA area. Her focus is working with women to expose the truth of military service and its effects on young women.
  • Pablo Paredes– Founder of Bay Peace: Better Alternatives for Youth also creating the Bay Peace Youth Manifesto; a document created by youth about truth in recruiting. Also a member of NOMMY, Youth & Militarism Task Force and is the first conscientious objector to the current occupancy. 
  • Sergio España – Sergio is a young activist from Baltimore who was one of the founders of the Civilian Solider Alliance. Civilian Soldier Alliance is a national organization of civilians working with veterans and active-duty service-members to build a GI resistance movement towards a just foreign policy.
  • Wendy Pantoja Castillo – Wendy is a Mexican peace activist from the city of Mérida, Yucatán, where she organized against the Iraq war before she immigrated to the US in recent years.  She continues to be a community organizer, and is currently active in the immigrant rights and the peace movement in Tacoma, Washington.  She supports Coffee Strong, a cafe at Ft. Lewis run by GI war resisters.
* Note: Not all speakers will be at each stop; usually 2 presenters will be at each stop. *

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