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Ballots have reached our mailboxes and voters are having conversations with each other about the issues we face this election cycle. A crucial issue on this year’s ballot that has a lot of  our neighbors talking is Ballot Measure 105. This measure, if passed, will divide our communities, promote fear, and compromise our Oregon values. This election season we have the opportunity to reaffirm our values in the face of this threat by talking to our neighbors and voting no on this measure.

With less than 2 weeks left until election day, folks are reaching out across their communities. From door-knocking to phone calls to ballot and house parties, rural and small-town Oregonians are using hometown strategies to have conversations about the ways Ballot Measure 105 will impact their communities and neighbors statewide. Check out the varieties of actions here and let ROP know what tools or support we can provide for your local no on Measure 105 action.


Measure 105 is an attempt to repeal Oregon’s law which prevents local law enforcement and other state agencies from using public resources to aid federal immigration enforcement. For 30 years, this law has effectively limited racial profiling of our community members. When police collaborate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), immigrants are too afraid to report crimes, bear witness, and access police protection against assault, domestic violence, robbery, and other protections everyone else enjoys. Further reducing public safety, Measure 105 would also divert already stretched funds from our local agencies to enforce federal policy.


House parties and community outreach: Strategies from Clatsop County. 

ROP board member Monica Pearson and her husband Jimmy hosted an open house for No on Measure 105 at their home in Astoria the weekend of October 13th.  Attendees came from Astoria, Cannon Beach and Seaside. “It was an opportunity to see people we already knew and meet some new people”, Monica said.  They discussed canvassing opportunities, shared information about how to write letters to the editor and talking points for conversations with neighbors and friends.  They also had STAND election guides and posters from the No on 105 Coalition for attendees to take with them.

In addition to hosting a house party, Monica has been active with other members of Indivisible North Coast Oregon (INCO) canvassing with La Voz de la Comunidad and reaching out to local elected officials. Monica reported,  “Leaders with INCO and La Voz canvassed Astoria and Seaside businesses to get signs visible in windows. We also had a letter to the editor writing campaign that so far has gotten about 10 LTE’s published that we know of in the Daily Astorian. We also spoke at the Astoria City Council to get them to jointly pledge No on 105. Astoria would not take a vote, they told us individually that they opposed 105 but they thought their Inclusivity Resolution that they passed in March 2017 spoke for itself.  We also wrote letters to the Clatsop County Commissioners and have been told by one of the Commissioners that they plan on penning a joint letter opposing Measure 105 but we have not seen that yet. We think that if they do that it will also be covered in the Daily Astorian.”

Doorknocking: Expanding the impact in Yamhill County.

As part of our march from Sheridan to NORCOR earlier this month, marchers partnered up with Unidos Bridging Communities, a local Yamhill County group, to expand the reach of their local door-knocking in Newberg. Marchers got together in groups and knocked on doors to talk to neighbors about the impact of Ballot Measure 105 and to share STAND Guides. While door-knocking, volunteers also indicated how the likelihood of the voter (or person at the door) was to vote against Measure 105. This “score” would then serve as an indicator of folks to reach out to after the election and invite them into on-going immigrant rights work in Yamhill County. Check out the doorknocking script here and adapt it to meet your needs. And if you need help pulling a list for door-knocking in your community, just let ROP know!

Phonebanking and Postcard Parties: Engaging neighbors along the Coast.

ROP member group Lincoln County People Power has been holding weekly postcard parties promoting No on Measure 105. Working with each other, and with the help of a local business owner who donated the printing of the cards, they have sent out well over 1,000 postcards in their community urging voters to vote no on measure 105. Postcards aren’t the only parties happening. In Coos County, ROP member group We All Belong Here Coalition will be gathering this Friday to phonebank and get their community to vote No on Measure 105.

ROP Fellows in Action.

The Rural Organizing Project has launched its brand new Fellowship program and not a moment too soon. As we enter this final leg of election season ROP Fellows are taking action across the state and spreading awareness through canvassing, STAND guide distribution, and presentations urging their communities to vote no on measure 105. “I’m pretty much just carrying the (STAND) guides everywhere with me,” says ROP Fellow Maria Mejia-Botero. Fellows are coming together to share their skills and knowledge with each other, providing each other with tools so they can give presentations in their communities at local churches, classes, bars, and anywhere folks will listen. Check out this great poster put together by ROP fellow Zachary Stocks in Clatsop County for a ballot party at a local taproom.

Join Oregon United campaign events!

The No on Measure 105 campaign is holding door-knocking, phone banking and text banking events in locations around the state. For more information on No on Measure 105 campaign events, contact Oregon United here or join one of these canvassing opportunities:

Hood River Spanish-English Canvass: Saturday, Oct 27th

Bend Canvass: Saturday, Oct 27th

Corvallis Canvass: Saturday, Oct 27th

Eugene Canvass: Saturday, Oct 27th

Medford Canvass: Saturday, Nov 3rd

Looking for more materials like talking points, social media or letters to the editor guides? Want support in organizing a No on measure 105 activity before election day in your community? Contact ROP at and we’ll help you find the tools you need.


Cara, Rindy, Cathy and the ROP team!


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