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Read on for Occupy Events Around Rural Oregon!

The first of small town (and big city) Oregon’s Occupy events took place last week in Bend, Ashland, Salem, Cottage Grove, Portland, Seaside, Eugene and more.  Who is joining in this week? Newport, La Grande, Roseburg, Corvallis, Manzanita, Medford, Port Orford, Klamath Falls, Winston, McMinnville, Astoria, Coos Bay, Albany and growing…

Read on for reports, updates and more from rural Oregon’s 99%!  Our website can not keep up with the pace of activities so please follow links below for most recent actions.  We share snapshots of strategies, outcomes and events below.

As part of the Occupy movement, people all over the country are moving their money out of Big Banks and into credit unions and local community banks.  Rogue Valley Credit Union’s Ashland branch had 35 new accounts open after the Occupy Ashland event. Southern Oregon leaders have created this brochure that rates their local banks and credit unions.  Use this questionnaire to interview your local banks and credit unions to find out who is local, democratic and community oriented.  Save your survey results and ROP can help you put them into a local brochure.

ROP will keep our website updated with events, strategies, stories and more from Occupy rural Oregon.  Send your details to

Occupy Portland!/groups/284344344909229/

marcy at occupy portlandA team of ROPers went to Occupy Portland last Thursday for the big march.  We marched with over 5,000 people.  ROP’s Founder (and rural organizing visionary) Marcy Westerling’s sign makes clear why we are in this fight:  Stage IV Ovarian Cancer. Waitlisted for Chemo. Thanks Big Pharma and Walls Street.

We ended our march at the site where Occupy Portland camp is now set up.  Occupy Portland might just be a lesson in what it takes to build resilient communities.  They have a food tent set up, on-going needs list and community members stopping by daily to drop of needed items.

Here is a video of Occupy Portland made by Newport resident Devin Robinson who traveled to Portland:

Occupy Bend
Occupy Bend Village KVTZ story and video clip:

Upcoming events:

Saturday Oct. 15th, It Starts. Gather in Drake Park 12-3 pm.

Sunday Oct. 16 OccupyBend participant Harvey Bernal is interviewed about Occupy Bend on KPOV 88.9 FM 9-10am

Saturday October 29th, Let’s show our numbers! This is the day we want to make it all happen. Details, and there will be many, forthcoming.

A report from Bend’s 1st Occupy event, last Friday:

Friday night 200 people marched in Bend and occupied Bend’s very own Wall Street.  The streets were filled for Bend’s Friday Night Art Walk.  Occupy Bend-ers carried signs with the 10 points from the Contract for the American Dream:











Check out the story on KVTZ:

Plans are in the works for a full out occupation in Central Oregon!

Occupy La Grande

Next Thursday October 13 at noon Occupy La Grande supporters will meet in Max Square and walk to Rep. Greg Walden’s office demanding that he identify where he stands on the ten points of A Contract for the American Dream–investing in America’s infrastructure, creating 21st century energy jobs, investing in public education, offering Medicare For All, making work pay, securing Social Security, returning to fairer tax rates, ending the wars and investing at home, taxing Wall Street speculation, and strengthening democracy.

We will then walk to Wells Fargo Bank where we will read the official, collective statement of the Occupy Wall Street protestors. We will demand 1) Fair taxation and 2) Jobs for Union County and America. We will expose the increasing role of national banks and other corporations in buying elections and distorting democracy for the benefit of the rich and the destruction of middle-class and working families.

Please join us. Share this information with your friends. It’s time for La Grande and Union County to make our voices heard.

We encourage you to bring signs focussed on our message–A Contract For The American Dream! Occupy La Grande! Occupy Union County! Fair Taxation! Jobs For Union County! Jobs For America!

The link in which Keith Oberman reads the collective statement of the Occupy Wall Street movement follows. The statement is in the tradition of the Declaration of Independence. It’s inspirational.

Occupy Medford!/OccupyMedford


Occupy Medford will hold the first of many occupations within Medford’s Alba Park beginning at 12 noon Saturday, October 15th

We welcome all media to come and peacefully occupy with us.

About Occupy Medford:

Occupy Medford stands in solidarity first and foremost with the Occupation taking place in NYC at Occupy Wall Street. We also stand with the thousands of occupations in cities and towns around the United States and the World.

Occupy Medford will serve as a Non-Violent, Peaceful Demonstration and Rally for our right as citizens of the United States to assemble peacefully and petition to the Government for Redress of Grievances as held by the Constitution of the United States under Amendment I.

For too long our president(s), congressmen, senators and politicians have been lobbied, bought and sold by many special interest groups, corporations, and other private institutions.

The United States of America is no longer “For the People, By the People.” America must be returned to The People and we demand that the government in its entirety be restored to a republic, which serves the People, not just the wealthy and powerful. We no longer accept being bought and sold like slaves to and for the “Corporation of the United States of America.”

Banks and other financial associations should never hold precedence over the People of the United States. We demand that the illegal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and all other illegal theaters of mass murder in our name be stopped immediately. We also demand that our troops be returned safe and sound with all the benefits they have acquired given unto them in full and without grievance. These demands are just the beginning of our voice and our stance in solidarity with the thousands of Occupations throughout the country and the world.

We would like to extend our invitation to the news media of the Rogue Valley to attend our Occupation(s) and report the Constitutional truth behind the reasons of our Occupation(s). We respectfully request you report the truth of our Occupation(s) without ‘Media Spin’ or the demonization of ANY peaceful protests, demonstrations, rallies, etc. For too long have the media portrayed Americans, who have the right to a voice in our political and social spectrums, in negative and dis-informational spin in favor of the left-right paradigm, as violent anarchists, ignorant and much more. The media has a duty to stand with the people and portray Americans, as they should, People standing against the tyranny of oppression and greed that have over-taken our government and the American Way.

The elected politicians in America must take heed of our voice and begin to affect real changes and stand with and for the good of the 99%. No more can the needs and wants of the 1% be the driving force behind our political, social and industrial machine.

Thank you and we hope to see you on October 15, 2011 at Alba Park at 12 noon.

Occupy Newport
Read about Newports Wed. Oct. 12th demonstration here.

Sat. Oct 15th: Occupy Newport is here. Let us join together and show support for the occupiers in Portland and the rest of the world. Come at 12pm until 3 pm. We have signs. We need people to attend. Bring your signs, bring your voice, bring your friends and family! RAIN OR DRIZZLE, WE WILL BE THERE! We must stand in solidarity to end corporate greed’s strangle hold on our Government and Nation!

Occupy Ashland!/event.php?eid=252686271434141

‘We are just fed up’

Valley residents gather in support of Occupy Wall Street demonstrations

By Sam Wheeler

for the Mail Tribune

October 07, 2011 2:00 AM

About 250 people gathered at Ashland’s Plaza Thursday afternoon for the opening of a planned two-day Occupy Ashland protest.

In conjunction with similar protests happening in cities around the nation and the weeks-long Occupy Wall Street protest in New York’s financial district, organizers scheduled speeches, presentations and a general assembly to run until 9 tonight.

After that, the peaceful occupation is scheduled to end, although some protesters said they planned to camp out on the Plaza tonight.

“The occupation of Wall Street is the first notice being given by the American people that we do not accept this; we will not allow this to be the future for our country, our communities and our families,” said Rep. Peter Buckley, D-Ashland, who delivered the opening address at the occupation.

Buckley was applauded by the crowd throughout the roughly 15-minute speech.

“I support the occupation of Wall Street, for the simple fact that I share the anger and frustration of millions of Americans over what has been done to our country, our economy, our communities and our families by our major financial institutions,” he said.

Although protesters in New York have been criticized for not having a clear-cut goal, Heidi Reeder, 43, of Medford, who joined protesters in Ashland Thursday, said she doesn’t see why. “It’s an entire mixing pot of issues,” she said. “We’re here not only for our health care, not only because of the banks, lack of jobs, and the economy. We’re here because the entire middle class is being squeezed down to the bottom.”

“We keep working and working our asses off, and we’re not getting anywhere. We are just fed up with it,” she said.

Retired Air Force and Vietnam veteran Larry Slessler, 71, of Medford said he joined the Occupy Ashland protest primarily to call for ending the war in Afghanistan and the U.S. presence in Iraq.

“I remember when the Vietnam protests started up and they were mostly discounted,” he said. “The same thing happened with the Wall Street protests, but I think it’s gaining a bit of momentum now.”

The Occupy Wall Street protests started on Sept. 17, when a few dozen protesters camped out in front of the New York Stock Exchange before being arrested. Since then it has snowballed into a national movement, with smaller scale protests taking place all over the nation Thursday and today.

The Occupy Wall Street protest also has swelled in New York. National news outlets reported as many as 15,000 demonstrators during its latest march on Wednesday from Foley Square to Zuccotti Park, where protesters have been camping.

“We’re trying to say we need a new way of doing things,” said Emery Way, 24, an organizer of the Occupy Ashland protest, and member of the student-led activist group Phronesis, of Ashland. “A part of doing that is getting out in the streets and standing up beside our brothers and sisters in solidarity; that’s something that hasn’t happened in a long time here.”

Way said he, and a handful of other protesters plan to camp out on the Ashland Plaza tonight, regardless of the city’s camping ordinance, which makes it illegal.

That plan came after Ashland Police Chief Terry Holderness said organizers had assured him they would not violate the city’s camping ordinance.

“We know what we’re doing is still illegal,” Way said, “and anybody who chooses to camp is prepared to face being cited or even arrested; that’s just a part of civil disobedience.”

The Occupy Ashland protest will continue today in the Plaza, with more speeches and presentations on a wide range of issues. Also, there will be a display of artwork inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protest.

“We’re still gaining momentum with this thing, and I think that will continue,” said Way. “There are a broad range of issues we are standing up against. … What we do know is there are certain things that need to change.”

Reach Sam Wheeler at 541-499-1470 or

Occupy Salem!/pages/Occupy-Salem-Oregon/121932234579553

OCCUPY SALEM! Saturday, October 15 at 12:00pm, Oregon State Capitol

Update from Wed, Oct. 12th:

The occupiers number about 40.  They have been there in Wilson Park since Monday morning.  Monday night they were given a warning by the State Police that they were illegally camped.  They spent the night without further incident.  Last night they were given a written warning. Tonight they may be issued citations or possibly even arrested and their property confiscated.

If you are in support of this movement, which is spreading to other towns in Oregon as we read, please call Governor Kitzhaber’s office (503-378-4582) and voice your support for the group and their right to free speech. If laws are effect which unnecessarily abridge that right, those laws should be considered unconstitutional.

In addition call your state representative and Senator and/or any other legislators you have a mind to call and offer the same argument and/or any other point you want to make. The protest will continue whether the encampment does or not.

See photos here.

Occupy Corvallis!/occupycorvallis

Occupy Seaside!/pages/Occupy-Seaside-Oregon/252994334745080

Occupy Cottage Grove!/pages/Occupy-Cottage-Grove/156581677767408

Occupy Roseburg

Wednesday, October 12, 2011, 1:00 PM

Douglas County Courthouse

Occupy Manzanita

Occupy Manzanita October 15 at noon in front of the Hoffman Center. This is a very important day to gather and show solidarity with the rest of the WORLD.

Occupy Eugene!/groups/occupyeugene/

People Before Profits.

Occupy Eugene Begins Saturday October 15.

2pm: Opening rally: Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza,125 E.10th

4pm: March through downtown. Return to Free Speech Plaza. Occupation location will be announced.

6pm: Occupation begins!

Occupy Eugene will gather in solidarity with the nationwide Occupy movement to protest corporate greed and the politicians who enable it. Occupy Eugene will march through the streets to proudly display our support of a movement that has shaken up an entire country, brought national attention to urgent issues that affect everyday people, and provided a new sense of hope to countless Americans. We will demonstrate to our entire community that true democracy is still alive and well.

Occupy Port Orford
We had about 100 people on Highway 101 in Port Orford today.  No speeches but lots of signs, live music, much car honking and thumbs up from passing cars, and finally a march down 101.

Will keep you posted about future actions here.

Klamath Falls
Occupied their own Wall Street for 3 hours on Saturday, Oct. 15th- the perfect breeding ground for future planning! Thanks to the great folks who came down from Bandon including Veterans for Peace and the folks who came up from Brookings.




Coos Bay


WE’RE THE 99% and part of the Global Occupy Movement. Heree’s your opportunity to STAND UP and BE HEARD. Concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the 1% is NOT what a democracy is about. Government by corporation does not lead to peace and justice. Come express your concerns:  November 4, 4:30 pm to 5:30 PM, corner of 4th and Ellsworth, east side of Linn County Courthouse, Albany. Info: 541-926-5989.

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