Meet Oregon’s Budget Crafters

We believe in the power of a functioning democracy! For our democracy to work well, the people must actively participate in it all year round! The Oregon Legislature’s Joint Ways & Means Committee (the lawmakers who prepare the State’s budget), is hosting meetings across Oregon to hear from communities about the 2023-2025 budget. This is your chance to hear directly from lawmakers responsible for writing the budget, let them know your priorities and ask questions. The dates and locations are listed below and you can sign up to testify today! Heads up that the next meeting is in Newport TODAY, Friday, April 14th!

The proposed 2023-2025 budget looks to invest more than $27 billion in our state, with nearly $10 billion going to the State Schools Fund. The budget is not only about numbers, though. Every item reflects decisions about the values, priorities, hopes, and visions of the people of Oregon. Funding for housing, schools, health care, roads and bridges, and public lands are all set in the budget process. For the 2023-2025 biennium, legislators are also weighing significant investments in priorities such as homelessness, behavioral health, and Oregon’s workers. How would you like to see those funds invested?

Consider getting together with your group to attend a Roadshow near you. What are the budget issues or programs most important to your community? What questions will you ask the Committee?

Roadshow Meeting Details

(A session was already held in Portland)

Sign up to testify in person: 

  1. Head to the Ways and Means Committee’s webpage.
  2. Find the list of dates on the top right and click on the one you want to attend
  3. To testify in person click register to testify. *You don’t have to register to attend, only to testify.

Submit written testimony: 

  1. Fair Shot for All campaign has created a sample letter and submission form for written testimony here
  2. Alternatively, you can submit a letter directly to the Joint Ways and Means Committee here.

Let us know how it goes and be sure to register for the Rural Caucus and Strategy Session on Saturday, May 20th in Albany to share what you’ve learned with kindred spirits from all over rural Oregon! Find more info and register for the caucus here.

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