Maui Strong

Dear ROPnet,

With wildfires raging across Oregon, we know how important it is in times of disaster for neighbors to show up for neighbors and for communities not directly impacted to spread the word and show up in support however we can. That’s why today we wanted to share with you a call for support from KALO Hawaiian Civic Club for the communities who have been devastated by the Maui wildfires. Read below for more details about how to offer support! 

How is your community coming together to respond to crises and keep people safe, near and far? Let us know by emailing!  

Sidra and the ROP Team


What’s happening in Maui?

Although the Hawaiian Islands are not in the direct path of Hurricane Dora, strong winds caused by the natural disaster in combination with severe dry land have caused major wildfires on the Island of Maui and Hawaiʻi Island. As of right now, the entire historic town of Lāhainā is burnt to the ground and thousands of people have lost their homes. KALOHCC is working diligently with our fellow Hawaiian Civic Clubs in Hawaiʻi, as well as close friends to figure out the best course of action in terms of creating donation drives or accepting monetary donations. For now, we have compiled a list of resources to help navigate this situation. Our hearts are with those indirectly and directly affected by these fires.

Giving Monetary Stations Directly to Reputable Organizations

Donating money online should always be dealt with caution. Please do your research & check their credibility. Organizations should be TRANSPARENT! Here is our primary list of donation sites:

@HawaiiCommunityFoundation on Instagram

Direct donation link here: Maui Strong Fund

@LahuiFoundation on Instagram

Direct donation link here: Fire Recovery Efforts

@NaWahineToa & @Ilimanator on on Instagram

@HawaiianCouncil on Instagram

Direct donation link here: Kākoʻo Maui

@UHFoundation on Instagram

Direct donation link here: Help Maui

Continue to Educate Yourselves!

The only way to know what’s going on (without assuming) is research! Credible organizations and news stations are a great way to become in the know of things. You can also use this time to learn more about our Hawaiian culture, the Island of Maui, and why Lahaina is so historic and essential to Hawaiʻi. Check these outlets for consistent updates:








At this time we are not taking in clothes donations. Mahalo nui loa but at this time we are so appreciative of all the donations and we know that we CANNOT do this without all of you. What is MOST NEEDED – Gift Cards, Medical Supplies, and OTC Medications.

Many have asked about formula, we are making sure that we have someone to receive the shipment and distribute right away.

Again, mahalo, mahalo, mahalo!




For updated information and other ways you can support please visit