March 30th: House Parties for LGBT Rights

A year ago, gatherings in a dozen communities launched the start of a public campaign for marriage equality in rural Oregon.

In rural communities that as recently as 2004 voted by a two-thirds majority for ONE MAN ONE WOMAN, the prospect of going public for marriage was a scary thing. Support groups & human dignity groups have been organizing for inclusion & safety for LGBT people for decades, a time marked with triumphs but also violence and hard choices. But instead of fear we saw tremendous courage, and the conversation on marriage began.

Then in November of last year, we blew it out of the water. Standing room only crowds packed movie theaters and auditoriums, and a magical feeling of connection to a larger movement followed the caravan of filmmakers and organizers as we traveled the state screening the film OUT IN THE SILENCE.

Now, ROP & BRO have teamed up again to help groups to keep the spark alive, to keep talking about what the prospect of marriage equality means. On and around March 30th, groups of people will gather to discuss the question: are we really going to the ballot for marriage equality in 2012? Why? What would that mean for rural Oregon?

We don’t know yet if 2012 is right to run a ballot measure, but the conversation about marriage and what it means for LGBT equality needs to keep happening. We’re inviting every group or friend circle across the state to join us in House Parties for Rights statewide on March 30th. Each party central will receive a DVD featuring 6 Marriage Equality advertisements that will be airing on TV across the state in late March and early April. Then you can call in to a live call to hear ROP Director Cara Shufelt & BRO Director Jeanna Frazzani to talk about it: the Freedom to Marry, and LGBT equality in 2011.

Do YOU have what it takes to host a screening house party?

  • space for 6-20 people to gather and watch the ads
  • a DVD player and a phone with speaker phone
  • a phone list and email list of 20-50 people you can invite
  • a burning desire for LGBT justice and an interest in marriage equality!

Get in touch with Cara at or 503-543-8417 for a house party planning kit and to let us know that you’ll be hosting a party. Plan to submit questions in advance, then call in at 6pm on March 30th to participate. If you want to host a party, but have a scheduling conflict, we have other options for you, just ask!

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