Mar 2011 KTA: Government with Backbone

Government with Backbone: 2011 ROP Legislative Platform

Oregon, like most states, is facing a severe revenue crisis.  States are suffering from the impact of national funding priorities that put corporate profits and the military industrial complex above people and communities.The Oregon Legislature may not have much control over the Pentagon budget, but they can respond to the corporate control over our economy. 

We need an economy that’s fair, accountable and democratic.Oregon needs a Legislature that has the backbone to respond to the root of this crisis.

Every legislative session the ROP puts together a comprehensive platform as a tool to communicate just what our communities need and what we need of our legislators. This year ROP and our member groups call upon legislators to:

Put People First: Human well-being is the indicator of economic success

Hold Accountable: those responsible for the Economic Recession

Promote Real Security: through community empowerment and energy conservation

Read the Full ROP 2011 Legislative Platform 

WHAT IS THE ACTIVITY? This month’s Kitchen Table Activism asks your group to 1) review and discuss ROP’s 2011 Legislative Platform and 2) set up an in-district meeting with your legislator to ask them what they are doing for the people in their districts.


  1. Send this KTA to members of your human dignity group
  2. Read over ROP’s Legislative Platform. Get together in person or via email to discuss this year’s legislative platform. Download the Platform here.
  3. Select someone from your group to contact your legislator.Find out when he/she will be in town and when you can set up a meeting.
  4. Prepare for your meeting.  Decide who will be there, what you want to cover, and who will say what.  Use this “Meeting with Your Legislator in 2011” guide to help shape your meeting.
  5. Let us know how your conversation went.  Email to tell us how your conversation went.  In these times, we need to know who our allies are and who is open to thinking about our problems differently.  Let us know at ROP if your legislator is cold-warm-hot to these ideas.


If you or your group wants to take a simpler action, use the attached Legislative Platform and “Meeting with Your Legislator in 2011” guide to write a letter to your legislator asking them what action they are taking.

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