Make Your STAND Guides Stand Out!

Dear Ropnetters, 

My kitchen table is a mess – with glossy pamphlets that have been coming in the mail – in support of or against various candidates and local issues.  Working America wants me to know all about Senator Gordon Smith’s voting record, Obama is interested in what I think about the economy, and the local community college wants to pass a bond measure. 

So what is the difference between all the things that voters are getting in the mail, and the STAND ballot measure guide that they’ve got from you?  The STAND guide doesn’t come from a candidate, and wasn’t paid for by a partisan campaign – it comes from you, a neighbor who cares enough about the issues on the ballot to knock on doors, hold a ballot measure forum, or take a shift handing out info at the farmers market.

That difference means the world – but only if folks know about it!

So let’s put our heads together and think about how to personalize our STAND deliveries.  Here are a couple of ideas that we came up with:

  • The most personal contact that you can make with a voter is to have real contact – and over the phone is a great way to do that.  Pick up the phone and “courtesy call” folks in the neighborhood you’ll be canvassing a week or a couple of days beforehand.  (Contact ROP for voters’ phone lists or a script that you can use for these calls.)
  • The simplest way to personalize the STAND guide is a quick note upon delivery: “Hi Kathy, sorry I missed you! Here’s some info about the ballot measures, don’t forget to vote! From: Anna and <your group name>”
  • Here’s a crucial tip: we get in big trouble for stuffing mailboxes!  Thanks to the Grants Pass canvass team for coming up with the idea of hole-punching each STAND guide and looping a rubber band through the hole.  This allows the guide to both stand out, and be hung on screen doors, porches, or doorknobs.
  • STAND guides are fun for the whole family! Arrange a play date with some friends, invite kids and get busy with some crayons.  It just takes 5 seconds to draw a pumpkin or happy face on the guides, and gives us a place to think about what we’re doing and for whom: our children, our communities.  Be sure to include “from your local human dignity group.”
  • Print sticky labels on your computer that let folks know that the guide was from you, a great way to get your group’s name out.
  • Human Rights Advocates of Coos County are including 700 quarter-page fliers in their guides.  Each flier has a place to check what people are interested in: volunteering, staying updated, donating money to the group, and asks for contact information.
  • Trick or Vote: Dress up and go out for Halloween or in the weeks leading up to it.  Start your own Trick or Vote team or, if you’re close to Eugene, join forces with the Bus Project on Halloween night (contact us for time/place information!)

The more personal, and the more original, the more likely your STAND guide will be used once ballots arrive (just next week!) so take some time, and have fun with it!

We are compiling stories from across the state, so be sure to let us know what you’re doing to make your STAND guide stand out!

For resources or more ideas, contact Amanda at 503-543-8417 or at