Learn from the Best!

It is not often that we think something is so cool, so useful, and so fun that we ask you to leave your communities and venture into urban craziness of Portland, but the Western States Center’s annual Community Strategic Training Initiative (CSTI) promises to be worth the trip!
Hosted at the beautiful Reed College campus, CSTI is a chance to sharpen your skills and learn from seasoned organizers from across the country.One of the highlights of the event this year for us at ROP is a workshop offered by Joe Szakos of the Virginia Organizing Project.  It’s called Building Statewide Power: Lessons from the Field.  And we have a hunch that the ROP and the VOP might have something to talk about when it comes to building statewide power!  Join staff and ROP leaders from the Board of Directors in attending this workshop and charting the future of the Rural Organizing Project.

Several workshops focus on hands-on capacity-building skills like organizational development, website management, building a board of directors, and video advocacy.  Others focus on some of the social justice issues that are close to our hearts, like economic, gender, and racial justice.  See here for a complete list of all the amazing workshops that are offered.

We hope that you’ll attend!  Registration is open until June 26th, but get to it before the workshops fill up. Definitely check out the work trade option as well if you’re worried about affording the trip, and the good folks at Western States Center can help you out. And let us at ROP know if you plan to attend any of the workshops, cause you better believe that we’ll be there, too!