KTA: Register to Vote Before the Primaries!


We know that this election season, our freedoms are on the line, including the freedom to decide when and how you have children, to live your gender and love whom you want, and to have a safe and affordable place to call home and be able to put healthy food and clean water on the table. 

Voting in the 2024 elections for the candidates and policies that align with our values will help us continue to build the world we believe in. When we mobilize as rural voters during the election cycle, we build power to make sure that rural progressives have a seat at the table where decisions are made about rural Oregon.


Oregon’s primary elections are on May 21, and the deadline for voter registration to be able to vote in the primaries is April 30 – just one month away! Take two minutes right now to check whether you are registered to vote and whether your voter information is up to date. If you want to have your voice heard in the primary, consider choosing a party affiliation when you register!

Why choose a political party? A note about closed primaries from Oregon’s Secretary of State: “Most political parties in Oregon choose to hold closed primaries. In a closed primary, only voters who are registered members of a party can vote for the candidates in that party’s primary. For example, registered Democrats can vote in the Democratic primary for Governor but not in the Republican primary for Governor.”


  1. Already registered to vote? If you are already registered or think you might be registered to vote, you can use Oregon’s My Vote page to:
    • Check if you are registered to vote
    • View and update your voter registration information, including your mailing address and your political party affiliation
  2. Register to vote! If you aren’t already registered, you can register here on the Secretary of State’s website. You may register to vote in Oregon if:
    • You are a resident of Oregon.
    • You are a United States citizen.
    • You will be 18 years old by Election Day, May 21, 2024
    • Oregon requires a Driver’s License, DMV ID, or Social Security number to register to vote. If you are registering by mail, include a copy of either a valid photo ID, paycheck stub, utility bill, bank statement, or government document.
    • If you have a felony conviction, you can vote in Oregon as soon as you are released from prison or jail, even if you are still on parole.
    • If you are living somewhere temporarily or do not have a permanent address, you can still vote by mail! To register, you can use any location in the county as your physical address, such as a park, shelter, or intersection. If you can’t receive mail at the location where you are registered, you will pick up your ballot at the county elections office.
  3. Check in with your family, friends, and human dignity group members: are they registered to vote?

Extra Credit

Start building out the other tools in your election organizing toolbox! At ROP, we know that voting is just one tool of many that we must use to build thriving communities. At your next meeting, talk with your group about your plan to use the elections to talk to your neighbors about issues that matter to our communities and to bring people into our movement for the long haul. Not sure where to start? If you’re coming to the Rural Caucus and Strategy Session this weekend, let’s dig in there! If you can’t make the Caucus this year, reach out to your friendly ROP organizer for support in making a plan!

Background: Kitchen Table Activism (KTA) is a monthly activity by the Rural Organizing Project. The idea is that small actions can lead to powerful collective results when groups of people gather to complete the same action across the state of Oregon. ROP works to keep each KTA easily achievable so that groups with other projects or groups with limited immediate energy can still manage to complete the KTA each month.