Keep The Pressure on Walden

The negotiated deal over the debt ceiling is one more result of the most reactionary and centralized right wing wrecking crews this country has probably ever seen.  Oregon’s only Republican Congressman, Rep. Walden, has voted in lock-step with an agenda that has created catastrophic hardship for the regular people of this country.  Rural Organizing Project and human dignity leaders across Oregon are responding.  That is why I am asking you to sign this petition to send Congressman Walden our own Notice of Foreclosure.

Let’s mix our person-to-person organizing skills with the upgrades social media provides. Let’s build the outrage. Let’s discomfort Walden.

Send this message to your list of contacts.  Post a link on Facebook. Call 5 people tonight and walk them through the process for signing this petition.  As they learn how, you might want to chat about the state of the world and Walden’s very negative role in it.  I bet they are pretty fed up too.

Get friends/families/neighbors and co-workers to sign the petition at to send Walden our Notice of Foreclosure during the August Congressional Recess.


Click here to link to the petition.


Walden has been getting news items out about his work for constituents ever since ROP did actions at his office in May. Let’s make him sweat. Read more about ROP’s Foreclose on Walden campaign here and take action this August.