June 2010 KTA: I Scream, You Scream…

We all scream for… Social Change!  (and Ice Cream!)



ROP often highlights the three keys to a Human Dignity Group’s success: 1. a committed, named leadership team, 2. effective communication systems, and 3. a strategic action plan.  But this month, we want to focus on three different, yet critical elements that will keep your Human Dignity Group strong for the long haul: Fun, Friends and Funds.

While most Human Dignity Groups are entirely volunteer-run and supported, Funds can help keep the squeaky wheel of change a turnin’, making it possible to stay in better touch with our supporters (think postage or domain name registration fees), keep our groups visible in the broader community (envision a colorful new banner or flashy buttons), and amplify our message for justice (picture a full-page signature ad in the local paper).  Fun and Friends are what keep us marching, writing and agitating for change, even in those moments when hope and change seem far too far away.  This month’s KTA is designed to nurture and cultivate all three.

WHAT IS THE ACTIVITY?What could be more fun than fun-draising for social change at an old-fashioned Ice Cream Social on a hot summer day?  June’s Kitchen Table Activity is to host an ice-cream social, picnic, barbeque or other summer-time social event to bring together group members, friends and allies.  We’ll use the opportunity to build community, celebrate our group’s successes, share brief updates, and to raise funds for our groups.

STEPS TO COMPLETE THE ACTIVITY:1.  Gather your human dignity leadership to set a specific fundraising goal: $250, $500 or $1,000 dollars?  (Consider donating a portion of funds raised to support the Rural Organizing Project.  Or setting aside $50 of funds raised to pay your group’s annual ROP membership dues!)

2.  Brainstorm what fun and fundraising method will work best for your group:

  • Ice Cream Social – make homemade ice cream together and encourage guests to donate $$ for scoops!
  • Host a BBQ, movie night, or formal dinner party (have a chef friend host & sell tickets!)
  • If you already have a full plate of summer events, consider adding a fundraising pitch at the end of your next event (something that it makes sense to make a regular routine for your group!)

3.  Decide what support ROP can provide and contact us!  Options include:

  • We can help identify potential friends to invite from the ROP network and even work with you to get out initial invites and do follow-up recruitment.
  • ROP keynote speaker at your event (ROP can come to town, lead a clinic for your human dignity group leadership in the afternoon, and speak at your evening fundraiser event)
  • We can send you a copy of the practical and to-the-point article on grassroots fundraising, “Putting on Host a House Party” by Kim Klein.
  • Tips on how to give a good fundraising pitch at the end of the event (we’ll walk you through the 1-2-3s over the phone on how to best move people to give their time AND their money).

4.  Make a “to-do” list, divide up the tasks, and get started!


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