It’s all about YOU! And we need it by Friday ;)

Dear ROPnet,

The Rural Organizing Project is your project. It is about helping you and your local Human Dignity Group stay connected, effective, and on the cutting edge of our collective rural movement for justice.

That’s why we need you to take 10 minutes now (or at least before the end of the day on Friday!) to fill out a survey about you, your local organizing, and your ideas on how we can strengthen our movement!

This survey is a first step in our year-long Strategic Direction & Planning process, and also part of our Roots & Wings Project, where we are reflecting on what has kept the ROP model strong for nearly 20 years, and evaluating the many paths and opportunities in front of us. And we want YOU to add YOUR voice to the mix.

At the Caucus, a few dozen ROP members shared their thoughts. But ROP includes hundreds (thousands, actually!) of rural activists across the state. And so, as we determine the future directions and strategies for our shared movement, we need to hear from, well, YOU!

We need to get at least 75 more ROP members and friends to fill out the survey by Friday, June 8th. Please be one of them!

Many thanks,

PS. Here’s the link to the survey again:
We are taking this opportunity to survey ROP partners on how ROP is most useful and relevant to your local group. There are 17 questions but it should only take about 10-15 minutes to share your reflections, suggestions and new ideas for how we can build a stronger rural movement for justice. If you have not already filled out the survey, please do by the end of the day on Friday June 8th. You may keep your responses anonymous or share your name with us at the end. Our strategic planning consultants from RoadMap Consulting will summarize the survey results and this input will be very valuable as we envision the future and build ROP’s plans for the coming years. If you have questions, please contact Margi Clarke, or (510) 863-4063.