It takes a village to raise a Caucus

The Rural Caucus and Strategy Session is more of a barnraising than a conference. We live our values by keeping costs low (your group can still register for just $20 each), and building in that spirit of pitching in. It’s called being lean and mean. With your help we stay agile, adaptable, and accountable to you! our members and human dignity groups.

This year, our Caucus is a three-day event at the PCUN Farmworker Union Hall in Woodburn. The registration fees we charge do not quite cover the costs of three days of meals, music, workshops and celebrations.

Can you help us raise the additional $1500 we need to continue to offer Caucus Scholarships, and keep our volunteer human dignity organizers fed, our workshops safe from the rain, and our 19th annual Caucus a success? Every dollar counts – donate here or send your check to PO Box 1350, Scappoose, OR, 97056.

If you are financially poor but solidarity rich this year, there are a few other ways you can help us make the caucus a success.

  • Do you have a van or bus that we can borrow for a tour of the farmworker movement on Friday afternoon?
  • If you live nearby Woodburn, can you offer a spare bedroom or couch to a traveler?
  • Are you a cook? We have a need for breakfast this items and snacks that can be chilled (fruit salads, vegetables and it), put out as is (baked goods), or easily heated up in an oven (quiche). Contact us to arrange a delivery plan. If you won’t be attending the caucus, it’s likely that somebody from your town will.
  • Volunteer for the Caucus! We can still use volunteer hosts to set up, cleanup, and help with registration.

Thank you all for making this 19th annual Caucus come together.  Don’t forget to make your one-time donation towards the Caucus here.  $5, $10, $20 – every dollar helps.

We hope to see you there!