It Takes a Village to Raise a Caucus

Dear ROPnet,

This year’s Rural Caucus and Strategy Session is just two weeks away, and registration is already full! Over 130 rural Oregonians have registered for the Caucus, showing just how eager folks are to get in a room with one another and strategize together for the year to come. There’s still much to do to make this year’s Caucus a success, and we need your help! Read on for ways you can support the Caucus.

Why support the Caucus? Human dignity groups have been organizing in every corner of the state, and now is the time we gather and strategize about how we can take collective action as a state! Together we will set the direction and priorities for our rural human dignity movement in the upcoming year.

How to support the success of the Caucus

  1. Donate dollars! ROP lives our values by keeping registration costs low and offering scholarships to rural organizers who need them. You can uplift your fellow rural Oregonians by contributing to ROP’s Scholarship Fund! $35 will cover the cost of one rural organizer to travel to attend the Caucus and $100 will cover the cost of three! You can make your donation here!
  2. Donate breakfast or snacks! Do you run a business or have friends who run a business? Want to make an in-kind donation of food for the event? We need breakfast pastries, drinks, desserts, fruit, and snack foods for 130 people. Email to discuss this further!

Still hoping to attend the Caucus? Email Sidra at and we will put you on the waitlist. Life happens and we often get a handful of last-minute cancellations, so there still might be space for you!

Thank you all for making this 33rd annual Rural Caucus and Strategy Session come together. Don’t forget to make your donation towards the Caucus here.  $5, $10, $20 – every dollar helps make this caucus a success and keeps ROP going strong for the long haul!

Sidra and the ROP team