It Takes a Village to Raise a Caucus!

We are gearing up for our annual Rural Caucus & Strategy Session! On Saturday, May 20th, more than 100 rural organizers, activists, and community leaders from across the state will gather in Albany, Oregon to connect with each other, reflect on the last year, and strategize around the work we will do for justice in the coming year!

Click here to register today for the Caucus!

We’ve been building momentum and human dignity groups have many irons in the fire, from election organizing to make sure their school boards have good representation, to putting together their community’s public pride celebrations, to confronting and countering rhetoric around white christian nationalism building in their communities, to holding local elected officials accountable to prioritizing the needs of houseless community members, and much more! Now is the time to gather and strategize about how we can take collective action as a state! Together we will set the direction and priorities for our rural human dignity movement in the upcoming year. 

We want your voice in the room! Register online at and join us to share stories about what your community has been working on, connect with groups and community leaders from other parts of the state, and make a plan together for the year ahead! This year we are thrilled to also hold a Rural Organizing Intensive on Sunday, May 21st! Are you hungry to sharpen your skills, or to add new tools to your organizing toolbox? Plan to attend both Saturday and Sunday sessions! 

Can’t make it to the caucus this year? You can still uplift your fellow rural Oregonians by contributing to ROP’s Scholarship Fund! $35 will cover the cost of one rural organizer to travel to attend the Caucus and $100 will cover the cost of three! You can make your donation here! 

Could your group use scholarships, community housing, a ride in a carpool, interpretation, child care or gas money to help get you to the Caucus this year? Let us know! We are excited to support rural leaders to travel to and participate in the Caucus! Check out the Caucus Frequently Asked Questions page for more information including our COVID safety precautions and event physical accessibility details and email if you have any questions! Register online at

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