How to Talk to your Neighbors about Immigration

Columbia County is getting a lot of attention these days, from ROP, from you & even from national media. That’s what happens when you become a ‘front line’ acting out global headlines with local antics. Now a Senior Editor at Time Magazine is flying out to tell the story of just why this county deserves our attention. Hoopla or not, human dignity groups Columbia County Citizens for Human Dignity (CCCHD) and Latinos Unidos para un Futuro Mejor (LUFM) are clear that this is part of their journey to build inclusive communities.

While it seems like the anti-immigrant storm in Columbia County might drive Latino folks out of this rural community and into neighboring urban counties with larger Latino populations, the truth is that this is becoming a place where Latino’s are choosing to stand up and claim their home town pride. We think there is more to the story than bravery, which is undeniable. We think this is also a symptom of what happens when human dignity groups lift up such tactics and lay anti-oppression groundwork in their communities.

Next week LUFM makes their debut with the Procession for Respect and Dignity. All advocates for justice are encouraged to attend! The walk is a public demonstration of the faces of Columbia County’s Latino Community that have been under attack for the last eighteen months by ballot measures 5-190 and 5-191. “We want to show the community that we are the same, we are human beings. We are respectful and contribute towards our community, and we deserve to be treated with dignity,” said Yesenia Sanchez, LUFM president.

Join the Procession for Respect and Dignity
When: Wednesday, February 18th, 4pm – 6pm
Where: In St. Helens, Oregon. Starting at the St. Frederic Catholic Church at 175 S. 13th, and ending at the County Courthouse.
Who: Latinos Unidos para un Futuro Mejor (LUFM), with Columbia County Citizens for Human Dignity (CCCHD), and support from the Rural Organizing Project, and CAUSA.

As the Latino community organizes in Columbia County, long standing human dignity group CCCHD continues a dialogue with their supporters to understand this issue and that people must get even more active in the face of injustice. So, while we march in public, we are talking in private. CCCHD is having tough & thoughtful conversations with their community and supporters. (Their fantastic letter is attached & is a great reference.)

How are you having conversations about these complex issues with your community and your group’s members?

ROP is here to provide what you need to take on these difficult topics.

The March 15 & 16 Rural Caucus & Strategy Session will feature conversations and workshops on issues that are critical, difficult, and nuanced – immigration justice is definitely on that list.

In the morning session, immigration and workers’ rights will be a part of the economic justice session: Organizing with Hope in Times of Crisis.

The afternoon workshop breakouts will feature be two sessions dedicated to immigration. One workshop with present a panel of thoughtful Immigration Justice leaders with different perspectives on ‘What is Just & Humane Immigration Reform?’. Another workshop will train you on Know Your Rights, ICE, and the Police and support you to take this information back to your community and out to local law enforcement, elected officials, and the media both before and when undocumented folks are at risk or detained.

Register Now!

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