Host a Movie Night

Bringing together a group of people in your community to view a film on immigration is a great way to start a discussion on a very timely topic. Most of the films listed below can be borrowed for free from ROP’s film library. Contact us with the date you would like to show the film and your top choice and we will get the film to you in time for your local movie night. Email to reserve a film today.

ROP’s Recommended Immigration Film Resources:

UPROOTED: Refugees of the Global Economy is a compelling documentary about how the global economy has forced people to leave their home countries. UPROOTED presents three stories of immigrants who left their homes in Bolivia, Haiti, and the Philippines after global economic powers devastated their countries, only to face new challenges in the United States. These powerful stories raise critical questions about U.S. immigration policy in an era when corporations cross borders at will. (28 minutes) Sign up to borrow this film from ROP (we will ship it to you!) or purchase it online. $20 + $3.50 shipping.

Wetback: The Undocumented Documentary
Persistent massive unemployment has left millions of Central Americans desperately impoverished, with little choice but to migrate to jobs in Canada and the U.S. Wetback is a powerful record of the journey of five Nicaraguans, with no documents and little money, as they make their way north on a dangerous journey. This harrowing film examines the paradox of the “wetback” worker the closer they get to the elusive “free world,” the less free they are and the more “illegal” they become. Following immigrants from Central America and Mexico on often extremely dangerous journeys to North America, Wetback examines the complexities of the immigration issues facing people on both sides of the border. From the U.S. patrol guarding the border to the immigrants risking their lives to cross it, Wetback focuses on the many obstacles in their way, including gangs and vigilantes, to expose the larger problems behind immigration rhetoric. (87 minutes) Borrow this film from ROP or purchase it online. $20.

Oregon Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride
In October 2003, 18 buses of immigrant workers and allies traveled across the country and converged in Washington DC and New York City to lobby and demonstrate for the rights of 31 million immigrants. This film tells the story of the 47 Freedom riders that rode the bus from Oregon across the country. The bus carried immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, China, Taiwan, Palestine, the Philippines, and Siberia as well as African American and white supporters. Follow the riders, rally in communities across the country, and visit the halls of Congress with them as they share their stories of why they chose to spend 12 days on a bus to stand up for the rights and human dignity of immigrants. (1 hour) Borrow this film from ROP or purchase by contacting or 503-543-8417. $15 + shipping.

Rights on the Line: Vigilantes at the Border
“Rights on the Line: Vigilantes at the Border” exposes the ugly anti-immigrant politics that lurk behind the Minuteman Project – and shows the continuum between official border militarization and vigilante action. This video was shot by human rights activists and residents of border communities. It tells the story of border tensions from the point of view of those affected and reveals the underlying motivations of the vigilantes through interviews and disturbing footage of their nighttime patrols. Purchase this film online:


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