Are you detail oriented?

Looking for a way to contribute to a good cause?

Interested in keeping your mind sharp in retirement or your resume fresh while you look for a job?

If you answered yes, you may be just who we’re looking for!  ROP has a very important volunteer position open in our Scappoose office. (If you answered a resounding “no” to every question, please forward or share this link with your friends, family, and coworkers that live or work in Columbia County.)

ROP is looking for a Database Lead!  This person is in charge of updating our database with the newest information about our members statewide.  The ideal candidate:

* Has prior experience working with computers and can learn new systems quickly
* Has a very high level of attention to detail and can work independently with success
* Can volunteer at our Scappoose office for a 2-hour shift every week
* Can commit to a minimum of 3 months with us
* Cares about progressive values of human dignity, democracy, and fairness, and is ready to take action!

If you are quick to learn and have less time available, we could also use some help catching up.  Contact us if you’re able to make a shorter term commitment to at least 3 shifts in the next couple of months! Please call us at 503-543-8417or email to set up an interview.  Or forward this message to your 10 closest friends!

About volunteers at ROP…
Volunteers play a treasured role for the Rural Organizing Project. At ROP, we accomplish far more than what 4 staff people could possibly do on our own, and how do we make it happen?  It is because of literally thousands of volunteers who serve on our board, who lead local groups, and for those in Columbia County . . . who take weekly shifts in our office, maintaining our critical systems!  While we’re in urgent need of a volunteer to fill our database lead role due to illness, we have other office and community garden roles available.  Get in touch!  Hope to hear from you (or your grandpa, or your niece, or that nice woman in your book club who just retired) soon.