Help Keep ROP on the Road!

As supporters of ROP, you know that when you make a donation, every penny you contribute will be spent wisely, every stack of used paper will be printed double-sided, and every hour of your time is a valuable asset. We’re calling out now for you to reach into your networks and help keep ROP on the road with a donated car!

We have one car, a ’92 Nissan that you’ve likely seen in your community, to support 4 organizers making trips weekly throughout rural Oregon – and the miles have taken a toll. We are now seeking another car to help ROP get where it’s needed.  We are asking for your help as a social justice supporter. We need to stay on the road to keep working with rural progressives in rural Oregon!

On top of helping support human dignity in rural Oregon, ROP is a 501c3 non-profit so your donations are tax deductible. Office supply donations like laptop computers, a copier, paper, easel pads, markers, etc., are also always welcome!  Feel free to call the office or email to get more details on current needs and in-kind giving to ROP.

Thank you for your continued support!