Healthcare Tour Blog with ROP

ROP Board member and good friend Bill W. from La Grande is on tour with the Mad As Hell Doctors, crossing the country stirring up support for single-payer healthcare. They kicked off in Corvallis on September 8 and will end in Washington DC on October 1.

Bill is sending ROP regular updates about their adventures, their successes and what it’s like to fight for justice from inside a giant tour bus with a bunch of MDs. Read his adventures on our Facebook page!

We want to hear your comments too! Did you go to the kickoff? Are you on the Tour? Are you a medical professional for universal healthcare? Are you involved in the morass of the healthcare system & see the need for something better? Tell us your story — join ROP’s September push for Healthcare where everyone in IN and no one is OUT. Send your story to or post in on the comments section of our facebook page!

Thanks to ROP’s best friend – Jess – for being our posting guru & helping Bill’s adventures see the light of day.

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