Health Care

“The foundation of a great country is not, as we’ve seen, based on great wealth.  Its wealth, at its core, is the health, education, and well-being of its people; those who keep the wheels of industry moving – eventually contributing to the growth and development of the national spirit.  To further the goal of reforming our health care system, we believe that there should be an important paradigm shift that recognizes that good health is a right, and not a privilege.”

– Florence Coalition for Change (Coastal Lane County, Oregon)


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A Few Resources on Health Care Reform
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Chart:  Who’s Paying to Kill Health Care Reform?  –
Organizations advocating for single payer:
  • Physicians for a National Health Program –
  • Healthcare NOW! –
Organizations advocating for affordable, quality coverage for all (but not necessarily single payer):
  • Healthcare for America Now (HCAN) –
  • Oregon Center for Public Policy ( coordinates a coalition working for health care reform that includes unions, community-based groups, Oregon Health Action Campaign (, HCAN and OSPIRG.



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