Have you checked your mailbox?

Dear ROPnet,

Have you checked your mail recently? In the last few days you should have received your copy of ROP’s STAND Voter Guide!

For the first time ever ROP has created a complete STAND Guide in both English and Spanish. We received orders of over 22,000 English Guides and 6,000 Spanish Guides from human dignity groups across the state. Adding in ROP’s own list and special voter lists, over 45,000 STAND Guides will be delivered to Oregonians.

Over the next few weeks ROP will be sharing articles from the Voter Guides via ROPnet in an easy-to-read format that can be forwarded onto your email lists. Watch for emails with the word STAND in the subject.

In the meantime, share these links on your website or Facebook:
English STAND Guide: https://rop.org/standvoterguide/
Spanish STAND Guide: https://rop.org/stand-guia-electoral/
Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/RuralOrganizingProject

This year’s STAND Guide not only features ballot basics and a ballot measure guide, it also asks voters, community leaders and elected officials to actively pledge to get money out of politics. We may not live in a targeted swing state, but even here in Oregon we can feel the result of the $257 million spent by Super PACs on ads this election cycle. Here is the online link to sign the pledge to Reclaim Our Democracy: https://rop.org/reclaimourdemocracy/

There will be more to come in the next few weeks! Stay tuned to ROPnet!