Getting Traction: Housing foreclosures cancelled across the State

An interesting thing is starting to happen in Oregon.  According to an Oregonian article published last week,hundreds of housing foreclosures are being cancelled across the State.
But why would banks be stopping so many foreclosures now?
Maybe it’s due to national media exposing the corrupt handling of documents and “robo signing” scandals, or because of recent court rulings in Oregon calling into question the legality of foreclosures, or maybe it is due to a small organization that has decided to hold Wall Street accountable and keep people in their homes through education, research, and an unstoppable drive for justice.  Good Grief America, a non-profit and ROP member group based out of Central Point, Oregon is going big with statewide homeowner workshops, a growing attorney network, and now several court case rulings in their favor.

The McCoy ruling that created the ripple effect of the cancelled foreclosures is one of the homeowners in the GGA network.  GGA is organizing homeowners in foreclosure and using the judicial branch to win victories for Oregon homeowners and to ultimately demand a just approach and real modifications that work. GGA is showing the power people have when they act big and demand big changes. 

To find out more about Good Grief America check out their website

If you know a homeowner who might be facing foreclosure or to learn more about the foreclosure crisis, options for homeowners and how GGA is organizing, register online for one of their upcoming workshops:

March 19th in Bend, 8:30-12:30
March 25th in Medford, 8:30-12:30

If you are available, join GGA on March 21st at 1pm for a lobby day in Salem focused on 3 bills going through the Senate: SB 484, SB 826, and SB 827 aimed at keeping Wall street in check and people in their homes.  Help us pack the hearing room!  If you are interested in attending please email for more information.

Katy Giombolini
ROP Intern
Good Grief America Organizer

PS.  Thanks to Suzanne, a GGA board member who takes telephone calls for GGA from homeowners in crisis, for this awesome poem!  ROP and GGA first heard this poem read at the GGA board retreat this past weekend and is written for GGA founders Mark Thomas and Nancie Koerber. 

Money makes the world go round
Lack thereof brought us down
Power and greed the evils that be
Broke America through Trust Deeds

Prayers to God
Answer sent:
Koerber & Thomas

Good Grief is born
We are SO blessed
Mark and Nancie
You are the BEST!

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