Getting Traction: Foreclosure Defense

Background on Foreclosure Defense in Oregon

June 19th Getting Traction Workshop & Community Roundtable Details

Download a flyer for June 19th’s Getting Traction Workshop and Community Roundtable.

Background: Since the beginning of this economic crisis, Oregon has seen literally thousands of homes go into foreclosure.  We have the 11th highest foreclosure rate in the country. In the first quarter of 2010 every 1 in 135 homes in Oregon were in foreclosure.   The hardest hit of these counties are Clackamas, Crook, Deschutes, Jackson, Jefferson, Multnomah, Washington and Yamhill. (To check out data on your county check out these links: current foreclosures and April foreclosure rates).

Nationally there is traction building to respond.  Homeowners are using strategies to challenge pretender lenders like Qualified Written Request or filing for Quiet Title to keep their homes.   Ohio Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur has encouraged folks to stay in their homes.  The Take Back the Land Movement is moving people into foreclosed homes.  A first step for homeowners is to learn about these different options.

On Saturday, June 19th ROP, Good Grief America, labor unions and other groups will host a "Getting Traction" workshop and Community Roundtable Dialogue for homeowners, civic leaders and concerned community members.  This is a regional event and will take place in the Salem area.  Let’s find those folks in our communities who are facing foreclosure and get them the information for this class.  Let’s see who our potential allies might be in helping craft solutions for our communities and invite them to attend.  We need them to be part of this solution-oriented Roundtable.

And for all of us, let’s start getting educated on what is happening in our counties and why we are in this crisis (scroll down for some links, films for movie nights and more).  If you’d like to be a part of the ROP working group that is helping to get this information out around Oregon, email  We are working with the leadership of Good Grief America (ROP member group, made up of Southern Oregon homeowners) and others.

Below are the full details for the gathering.  Download a flyer here.  (The best way to get the word out to homeowners is by word of mouth- take these flyers to community institutions like churches.  Let folks in your circle know.)  Let us know who from your group and community will be there.

my best, Cara

Half Day Workshop for Foreclosure Defense – June 19 Saturday
8:30am- 12:30pm in the Salem area (exact location TBA)
Who Should attend: Homeowners, Civic leaders, Politicians, Community Organizers, Labor Unions, Attorneys, Clergy, Small banks and Credit Unions
Taught by Nancie Koerber and Mark Thomas
For more information contact: 503-743-4591 – Rosalie
Pre-Registration Required at:

Community Roundtable – Solutions For Communities in Trouble – June 19 Saturday

1:30 to 4:00 Community Roundtable
City, County, State and US Civic Leaders, Clergy, Small Banks/Credit Unions, Politicians, their aids, and Concerned Community Members
Facilitated by Community Organizers
To register contact: 503-743-4591 – Rosalie

Facing Foreclosure?
Attend This Workshop: “GETTING TRACTION”

Are You Lost in the Shuffle of Any of the Following:
    * The foreclosure process of your home?
    * The HAMP modification application or trial period?
    * A Short Sale modification?
    * Is your loan Servicer ignoring you?
    * Are you borrowing to keep your mortgage paid?
    * If you answered “yes” to any of these, you are not alone.

Here is Some of What Homeowners Will Receive at the “Getting Traction” Workshop:

    * Emotional support to help get through the process
    * How to get transparency on “what is real” regarding home loans
    * Why loan “servicers’’ are not cooperating
    * Who is the decision maker and owner of our home loans
    * What rights homeowners have and what we can do to ensure them
    * Tools to stall or temporarily cancel a foreclosure
    * Qualified Written Request—What is it and how to use one
    * What a Forensic Loan Audit is and how to use it as a bargaining chip
    * Help sorting through individual loan issues for smarter decision making

Workshop: Getting Traction
Date: SATURDAY, June 19, 2010
Time: 8:30am – 12:30pm
Location: Salem (TBA)
RSVP: 503.743.4591
Pre-Registration Required:

Good Grief America is here to help the many homeowners in Oregon who are feeling lost in the shuffle due to the foreclosure process. Local homeowners are finding themselves being ignored by loan servicers who do not return phone calls. Some are borrowing money to pay their mortgages. Others are unable to pay their mortgages at all. Help is available.

Disclosure: We are not attorneys, CPAs, Loan or Modification officers. We give no advice in these areas, but rather share our research, activities and resources have been used to get traction on foreclosure issues.

To learn more about what’s happening with loans and this crisis check out these links:

Good Grief America Education
Why Servicers Foreclose When They Should Modify and Other Puzzles of Behavior (National Consumer Law Center)
Films: American Casino Capitalism, A Love Story
Books: Mortgage Wars by Iris Martin, House of Cards by William Cohan