Getting paid this holiday season

We send warm wishes to you and your family during this holiday season!

These days of celebration and family traditions should be a bright spot in the year, but the practice of wage theft darkens these times for many workers and their families – Oregonians who are not receiving the wages they have rightfully earned.  Temporary workers hired to cut Christmas trees, sell gifts, and prepare holiday meals are especially vulnerable to stolen wages, and some will go home to their families without the pay they have earned and badly need.

Take a moment to watch this video of one worker whose wages were stolen during the holidays.

In the spirit of peace and prosperity for all, we ask you to stand with us to confront wage theft and help Oregon’s workers get paid for their labor!

ROP is part of the campaign to Stop Wage Theft.  We send the call to action below knowing that small acts of support from folks all over the state is what will help us win real changes this year in the legislature!  Sign the pledge to stand with us and read on below for more background!

Sign the Pledge to Stop Wage Theft!

By taking the pledge to stop wage theft, you will be joining hundreds of other Oregonians in supporting a statewide campaign led by the Oregon Coalition to Stop Wage Theft, of which  Rural Organizing Project is a part.  Together with over 30 labor, faith, and community groups, we are working to make it harder for employers to deny payment to workers and easier for workers to collect unpaid wages.

As we gear up for Oregon’s 2013 legislative session, let’s show our state legislators just how many Oregonians care about wage theft and will be looking to them to take leadership.  If you’ve already taken the pledge, you can help by encouraging your friends and family to add their name, too!

Thank you for joining many others statewide in support of lawful wages for all Oregon’s workers.  With your support, we will ensure that families in Oregon, in future holidays, will not have to worry about stolen wages.

P.S. Once you’ve taken the pledge, you can also follow the campaign to stop wage theft on facebook by “liking” the page “Protect Oregon Workers.”