Get the Web STAND Election Guide!

With just 38 days until Election Day, groups across the state are having conversations with their neighbors about what’s at stake this year and how we can use the power of our votes to advance democracy and human dignity! Visit our website to find more information about the 2022 STAND Election Guide(Small Town Actions for a New Democracy), including downloadable PDFs of the guide, election organizing tips, radio public service announcements, and the English Web Version and Spanish Web VersionKeep reading to see the forwardable STAND Guide below! 

The STAND Election Guide is made by and for rural Oregonians every two years as a tool to help fill out our ballots and to start conversations with our neighbors around shared values. The guide includes simple language that breaks down who can vote and how, what this year’s ballot measures would do if approved by voters, and suggested questions to ask candidates to determine if they share our communities’ values and priorities. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for our paper 2022 STAND Election Guides, which will be in your mailbox in just a few short days! If you placed an order for paper STAND guides this year, those are getting shipped to you next week. There’s still time to order paper STAND Guides! Reach out to us at or by calling 503-543-8417.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll share resources that cut through election-time disinformation about who can vote, how to vote by mail, and more, including social media graphics and more bilingual radio public service announcements. Keep an eye on ROPnet and follow us on Instagram (@ruralorganizingproject), Facebook (Rural Organizing Project), and Twitter (@ruralorganize) to get those updates! 

What is your group doing this election season to talk to neighbors about our values and rebuilding democracy in rural Oregon? Let us know by emailing!

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