Get on the bus! March for ONE Oregon

March for ONE Oregon

We have a couple seats that just became available on the March for ONE Oregon!  Can you or someone from your community join us next week (Monday-Saturday) for this history-making action?  

This isn’t a just tour of the Northwest — it’s civil disobediance.  We are just one of several buses crossing the country, visiting 19 states and over 90 cities confronting policy that is breaking up families and demanding immigration reform that defends human dignity.  Bus riders will have the unique opportunity to learn from and work alongside some of the most powerful movement leaders and rural organizers in the state from powerhouse organizations like PCUN, Causa, and, of course, ROP.

This is an incredible opportunity for the right person who can make it work.  These remaining seats will receive a full scholarship (though donations are gladly accepted) — all expenses are covered (food, lodging, etc.) other than transportation to and from Bend for the kickoff Monday evening and closeout Saturday night.

Please send this announcement onto your lists — and time is of the essence!  This is a perfect opportunity for students or unfortunately unemployed local organizers who have enough flexibility in their schedules to make this work.

Fill out the application below and email it to as soon as possible!


MARCH 5TH – 9TH, 2013
Participant Application and Commitment


  1. As a marcher, I understand that I will:

_Support the mission and message of the “March for One Oregon”:

  • Support Fair and Just Immigration Reform
  • Support Driver’s License Restoration
  • Racial Justice and Unity across Races, Ethnicities, and Documentation Status

_Know that my space and food is reserved for me and notify organizers of any change in my status at the earliest possible moment.
_Pitch in with planning and fund raising efforts as much as possible.
_Participate in scheduled events during the tour.
_Represent my county, my values, and organization in a responsible and respectful manner.
_Follow all rules and guidelines set forth by the “March for One Oregon”
_Keep an attitude of flexibility and openness to the experience we will have together
_Carry the message of the tour home with me, and organize an event or activity to share this message with my community 

  1. I represent the following constituencies:

 _I am an Elected Official
_I am leader of a Faith Community
_Leader at immigrant/Latino group
_I represent a labor organization or union
_I am a business owner 

  1. I have the following skills:

o   (Please specify ________________)
_Attorney / Legal Background
_Public speaking

  1. I pledge to (you must check one option):

___    Be present as a bus rider on the March for the entire five days: March 5th – March 9th
___    Arrange to be present on the tour for the days and times indicated below:

Tuesday, March 5th, Central Oregon:              Daytime_________     Evening_________

Wednesday, March 6, The Gorge:                   Daytime_________     Evening_________

Thursday, March 7, Eastern Oregon:              Daytime_________     Evening_________

Friday, March 8, Eastern Oregon and Idaho: Daytime_________     Evening_________

Saturday, March 9, Walla Walla, WA:                         Daytime_________     Evening_________

* Overnight accommodations as well as 3 meals a day will be arranged for 50-55 participants who will ride the bus for the entire duration of the tour.  We encourage other guests to join us on their own at each stop, or to caravan, following the bus in their own vehicles.
* The March for ONE Oregon will begin at 12pm in Bend on Tuesday, March 5th, and end in Bend on the evening of Saturday, March 9th. 

  1. Are you able to make a donation to cover expenses? (a donation is not necessary, but is appreciated)

__ $0, request for full scholarship
__ $100 covers one day on the bus tour
__ $500 covers your expenses for the entire bus tour
__ I can make a donation of ____________

  1. Please indicate any dietary, sleeping, walking, transportation or any other special needs you may have:


  1. I, (print name)________________________________ , am committed to participate on the“March for One Oregon Bus Tour 2013” .  I understand that this is a great honor and responsibility and I will support the mission of this event.

 Signature:   ___________________________________________________ Date: _________________

Why do you wish to join the March for ONE Oregon Bus Tour?

Copy and paste the application into your email, fill it out, and send it to

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