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Day of Action across Oregon on Saturday, January 30th!

The armed occupation of Malheur Wildlife Refuge has gone on too long. One day was too long, and now it’s three weeks and counting.

It’s time to show our solidarity with the people of Occupied Burns. The intimidation tactics being deployed in Harney County by various right wing militias, whether it’s Ammon Bundy and crew, or the Idaho 3%ers, or the so-called Oath Keepers, are not new to us, nor confined to the Burns area.

ROP staff has been subject to these tactics of surveillance, trespassing, threats, and sabotage. The people of Josephine County experienced much of the same in April, during the Oath Keepers’ armed encampment at the Sugar Pine Mine. In October just days after the UCC gun massacre, Roseburg residents were subjected to an armed response to President Obama’s visit to pay his respects. Even worse, various elected officials, such as Yamhill County Commissioner Mary Starrett and Roseburg State Representative Dallas Heard have begun to lend support to the armed takeover.

Time to draw a line!

The Rural Organizing Project calls for a Day of Action across Oregon on Saturday, January 30th.

On this day, we call on all you ROP supporters, friends, allies, and people of good will to come out on the sidewalks and public places and organize a vigil to End the Armed Occupation of Malheur. Bring your signs, flags, posters of people and birds, and your voices to show solidarity. Now is the time to show up in numbers, around Oregon. We are everywhere! People are angry and frustrated, with good reason! When the people show up, the bullies back down. This was demonstrated as recently as September, in Medford, when hundreds came out to protest against threats to the local Mosque. Protest works! We are calling for vigils in every county of Oregon. And we know we can do it. Download this flyer to share with others and start planning your local action.

At the same time that we protest, we are calling for two actions in Solidarity with the people of Burns:

1. Harney District Hospital is holding a fundraiser for Communities Assisting Neighbors with Cancer – CAN Cancer. It is a Sip for the Cure Masquerade Tea Party –

When we approached the event organizer with the idea of having people around the state support this event, here is how she responded:

“Words cannot express how appreciative our community is for your support. Just the mere mention of your concern brought many of my coworkers, cancer survivors, and community members to tears (and goose bumps)! Someone mentioned, “It’s like they’re the Peace Militia…”

Tickets for this event are $8.00, and must be sent in by mail. Please write a check today to: CAN Cancer

Mail to:
Harney District Hospital
Attn Savanna Boll
557 W Washington
Burns OR 97720

Since you must use the postal service anyway, please take the time to include a Thank You card to the people of Burns, Oregon to let them know we stand with them in this hard time.

2. When your community organizes a protest vigil on Saturday, January 30th take one more step: Buy a classified ad in the Burns Times-Herald, expressing your community’s support for the people of Burns, and against the armed occupation. Rates are very reasonable.

Contact the paper at their website:
The classified Ad Dept is at:
Or call the paper at 541-573-2022

The strategy of the Rural Organizing Project has always been to build a beloved community for social justice in rural Oregon. That is why it is so important to combine our protests with actions in solidarity with the people of Burns. It could be your town next!

Watch ROPnet next week for a sample press release and social media information for your community’s action on January 30th. Email or to let us know what you have planned!

In Solidarity,

Cara Shufelt – ROP
Jessica Campbell – ROP
Darcy Bedortha – Central Oregon
Alex Budd – Southern Oregon
Dancer Davis – Douglas County
Mike Edera – Multnomah County


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