Feliz Año Nuevo from Central Oregon!

January 10th, 2014
Dear ROPnetters,

Feliz Año Nuevo from Central Oregon!

The Recursos team from Central Oregon with allies from Crook County Human Dignity Advocates, Central Oregon Jobs with Justice, and ROP Organizer Rosa Navarro

The holidays are always a busy time for human dignity groups. Everyone is getting everything ready for the next year and we are spending time with our loved ones. It can also be a time to recharge and reevaluate where the next year is taking us — our new year’s resolutions! This year, one of the newest members of the ROP family decided to have an end of the year holiday posada (party) in Central Oregon to do just that!

Welcome to ROP, Recursos! Recursos was founded in 2010 with the help of Greg Delgado, Causa’s Central Oregon organizer. Over the last few months, ROP has been supporting Recursos in developing their next steps as a local Latino-led human dignity group in Central Oregon. On December 21st, ROP helped Recursos coordinate a time for leaders to come together as a family to talk about our hopes and fears for 2014. Here is what they shared:

Hopes for 2014

For everyone to be able to go to college and university regardless of immigration status
For a just and fair immigration reform for all 11 million undocumented immigrants!
For a halt to all deportations! Not one more!
Broadening Recursos contacts in the community and working more closely with allies and coalitions throughout Central Oregon
To put Central Oregon “on the map” with our organizing power!
Building broader community engagement within the Latino community
Recruit more core members into Recursos
Build campaigns to strengthen the Latino vote in Central Oregon
Help the local immigrant community with citizenship classes
Driver licenses for all Oregonians
Undocumented and unafraid!
Fears for 2014
That deportations will continue and more members of our communities with be separated from their families
Attacks on immigrants from the Right
This was a great way to kick off a planning conversation that will shape Recursos’ work for the months to come. We also created and reflected on a timeline of all their accomplishments and events since 2010 — wow! The holiday party served as a reminder that sometimes we just need to get together to have a good time and celebrate our accomplishments. It also proved to be a good space to share our vision for where our work needs to go with each other.

If you and your group would like to do a similar activity, please contact us. We will help you and your group with “mapping our power” activities for all of your hopes and dreams in 2014!

Happy New Year!

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