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April 2nd, 2014

Dear ROPnetters:

In just one month, on Saturday, May 3rd, human dignity organizers from across rural Oregon will be convening for the annual Rural Caucus & Strategy Session in Hood River. Every year, over 100 rural and small town organizers come together to reflect on our work in the past year and make plans for the next. Register by April 5th to receive the early bird discount!

This year’s Caucus looks to be inspiring, invigorating and bold!

In 2014, we have an opportunity to build off of bold, national momentum pushing for change. With driver’s cards on the ballot in Oregon and mounting pressure nationally to end the era of deportations in rural Oregon, what are our own bold, innovative steps to respond? As the demographics of our communities change, how is your community building power and responding to racism and backlash?

How can we use timely action and local organizing campaigns in small town Oregon to advance our moral vision for our communities? What are you working to change, what inspires you and your group?

On Saturday, May 3rd we will gather in downtown Hood River to develop shared strategies on just what it takes to make our local work and our shared movement bigger, badder and better. We will hold strategy sessions on the issues impacting rural and small town Oregon, and on how to continue to build our long-term movement for justice.

This year’s Caucus will feature strategy sessions on topics like: Driver’s Cards, Deportations and Race in Rural Oregon; Using Civic Engagement and the Ballot to Advance Our Vision for Our Communities; The Role of Civil Disobedience in Social Change Movements; Connecting the Dots between Racial & Economic Justice; Rural Latino Leadership Think Tank; Addressing Racism and more!

On Sunday, May 4th ROP is hosting an exciting special session on Civil Disobedience and Direct Action with Andrew Willis Garcés of Training for Change. Andrew has been deeply involved in the Not One More! Deportation campaign. Andrew will lead us through a training on how to have a strong direct action, share information on current national movement strategies and then support us as we have a conversation about the role of direct action and civil disobedience in our regions.

Have you decided who will represent your group at this year’s Caucus? Register today for one or both days. Register online here or download a registration form hereRegister by April 5th and get the early bird discount!

Join us for a weekend of strategizing, skill building and connecting across communities, to build our power and fan the flames for justice in rural Oregon!

Cara, Sam, Jess, Rosa & Amanda
ROP Organizers

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