Election Day Matters!

Don’t let this election day slide under your radar!  You have until 8pm tonight, Tuesday, May 19th, to turn your ballots in.  It’s too late to mail them, so you’ll need to drop them off.  For a listing of drop sites, go here.

At a time when our schools are facing deep cuts and shortened school years, electing strong school board candidates is even more important. 

In Crook County, they are facing a local levy on their ballot that would restore some recent funding losses that are cutting their school year by 15 days!  Local leaders with Human Dignity Advocates took it upon themselves to run an effort to identify likely voters, find out which of them were supportive, opposed, or undecided, and then focus on getting those yes voters out to vote!  As of yesterday, only 30 of those yes voters still need to get their ballots in.

Many a May election in an off election year are decided by less than a dozen votes.  In a low turn out election like this one, every single vote matters and our progressive votes can make the difference!

In other news, ROPers are making a difference in Salem!

Today, the Oregon House took a strong stand for human dignity and equality, passing House Joint Memorial 22 with a unanimous 59-0 vote!  The resolution condemns the March 21st hate crime in Seaside, OR against Samson Deal and Kevin Patterson and urges Congress to pass federal hate crimes legislation.  Soon the Oregon resolution will move to the Senate Rules Committee.  Contact your senator and urge them to pass this legislation!

In the campaign to Keep the Oregon National Guard in Oregon and pass HB 2556, thanks to the support of dozens of calls from ROPers in key legislative districts, we’ve identified the votes needed to pass the bill in the House.  Rep. Debbie Boone (HD 32 representing Tillamook and Clatsop counties) was one of the final representative’s to sign on thanks to a steady stream of visits, calls, and emails over the past week.  The next push is to get the bill a work session and get it on the floor of the House and then on to the Senate.  Stay tuned for next steps on how to step up the pressure this week.

Here’s to making our power count when it comes down to the voting wire!