Election Day Final Push!

Election Day is here, and for many of us, it brings stress and anticipation after we’ve had so many conversations with neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers. Thousands of rural Oregonians have taken action to support their neighbors in voting, and there are still a few hours left! Here are a few Election Day actions that you can take to ensure election integrity and safety in your community and that you can share with your friends, family, and co-workers today: 

Vote! It isn’t too late!

There are many close races and important issues on the ballot this year, and every vote counts. Fill out your ballot and drop it in an official ballot drop box by 8 PM today, November 8th. You can find official ballot drop box locations in your community hereDo NOT drop your ballot in the mail; it will likely not be postmarked in time and will not be counted. 

Encourage others to vote!

Call and text your friends and family to check if they have voted, and help them make a plan if they haven’t. 

Share the online STAND Guide to help folks navigate how to vote and share what the ballot measures would do in easy-to-understand language. 

Encourage your friends to vote on social media. Here are some handy social media posts you can share on Facebook and Instagram!

Help others drop their ballots in a drop box by 8 PM! 

Offer to pick up and drop off ballots for folks who might struggle to get out the door in time. Make a friendly poster reminding your neighbors to drop their ballots in the official ballot drop box instead of in the mail. Here’s a photo of one example in Cottage Grove by the Blackberry Pie Society (done with the Postmaster’s approval):

Mailbox with a sign that says "Stop! Don't put ballot here"

Concerned about voter intimidation at your ballot drop box? Take turns watching and documenting issues. Let ROP know what you see!

Check out this fact sheet on voter intimidation laws, what counts as voter intimidation, and what to do if you experience it, provided by the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection.

Watch the vote counting after 8 PM!

While it’s expected to take longer to count every vote this year because ballots will be accepted that were postmarked on or before November 8th, we can still watch the Secretary of State’s Election Results website. Additionally, many County Elections Offices have set up live streams so you can watch your community’s ballots getting counted safely and securely!

Appreciate your group, neighbors, and Election Clerks!

The last few months have been filled with intense work and so much powerful organizing across the state to get out the vote for issues we care about. Let’s take care of ourselves and one another in the coming days and celebrate all of the incredible work that we’ve done! Election clerks in particular are facing a ton of backlash for doing their jobs effectively and with integrity, so please show them some love with a thank you card, coffee, or cookies in appreciation!

What are you seeing or hearing about in your community today around the elections? Do you need support around voter intimidation? Reach out to us at sidra@rop.org and let us know!

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