Economic Justice Film Screening… In Your Town?‏

November 11th, 2013

Dear ROPnetters,

Our friends at the Oregon Center for Public Policy (OCPP), a progressive think tank based in Silverton, want to collaborate with human dignity group leaders who would be interested in screening the film American Winter in their communities, which digs into the economic realities working class families across America are facing.  One of the filmmakers and Chuck Sheketoff, the Executive Director of OCPP, are both available to host a panel discussion afterward, which would also hopefully feature folks from your community as well!

Check out the trailer here:



Who in your community needs to hear this message?  Could your group use this as a tool for County Commissioners and City Councilors to understand the reality that we’re living and dealing with in our community?
Are you interested in organizing a screening in your town?  Email me at and let’s get to planning!