Don’t get Tricked! Vote Yes on 66 and 67 this January!

Don’t Let Your Neighbors Get Tricked this Halloween! Make Sure They

Halloween is almost here!  There is no other holiday in this country that we celebrate by gathering to chat with new friends on street corners and knocking on our neighbors’ doors.  Human Dignity leaders get lucky this time of year, because all those things that we love to do to break down barriers in our communities and get our message out . . . on this one day everybody is doing them along with us!
So let’s run with it!  Let’s use this day to get the word out about your human dignity group and about the January tax measures!
At the same time that the streets will be full of little ghosts and goblins playing tricks and looking for treats, the corporate lobbyists opposed to Measures 66 and 67 are also out, trying to frighten Oregonians with scare tactics and ghost stories of their own.
The easiest way to make new friends is to talk to your neighbors from the comfort of your front door.
The great thing about Halloween is that it’s one giant Reverse Canvass. With your neighbors coming to your door, it’s a great opportunity to spread the word about voting Yes in January without distracting from the immediate need for candy.  It’s as easy as printing up a couple of signs and some cards you can hand out at the door.
If the trick-or-treaters don’t make it all the way out to your place, you can still bring these cards to whatever you’re doing on Halloween – whether going to a party at a friends place or hanging out at your church or community center!
Either way, we’ve created everything you need to tell your neighbors about why they should vote YES on Measures 66 and 67. Click here to download and print flyers you can hang in your window and mini cards you can drop into the candy bags of the trick or treaters who visit your house.

Also take advantage of the opportunity to meet and keep new friends by including a backside to each card with the name of your local group and an email address or other way to contact a group lead.  And drop us a line over here at ROP to let us know how it goes!

Happy Haunting,

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