Dignity Campaign response to the senate immigration bill

As the US Senate discusses amendments to the immigration reform bill S 744 in Washington DC, we are faced with political compromises, and we ask ourselves the question: How far is too far to compromise?  How high of a price are we willing to pay to get a path to citizenship for our undocumented families who desperately need it?

For example, an amendment that dedicates significant new resources to border security was voted on yesterday, and passed.  Analysts say that this means more likelihood of the bill’s final passage with bipartisan support, but was it worth it?  And whose role is it to make these compromises: ours? our representatives?

It’s an interesting time to stay tuned. We are closer to achieving immigration reform than we have been for over a decade!!  But sometimes, staying tuned can be painful.  We watch our representatives endorse more border security, government handouts to private security corporations, exclusions of millions from reform based on their personal background or economics … we wonder is basic dignity for our friends and family too much to ask?  Do we really have to give so much away to win the basic right to an identity, to live and raise our families here?

They are tough questions and the answers are very personal.  I for one am thrilled that we are this close to immigration reform.  But I also know that now more than ever is the time to stay centered in and pushing for our values to be represented in that reform.  Now is the time to use that voice that we have been developing over the past 10 years!

The Dignity Campaign – authors of the analysis here below, are a source of inspiration.  They remind me that regardless, we must continue to raise our voices!!  Even and especially in those moments that we are not sure if we will be heard, it is not an option to retreat, or to give into cynicism.

With that, I hope you’ll read and reflect on the piece below, and make a call to Senators Merkleyand Wyden to let them know what you think.  We are the people who have opened this road, and by pushing for a path to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented in the country, we will see it through.

White House switchboard:  (202) 224-3121