Democracy Bailout!

It’s been close to a month since our legislators made their way to Salem.  The news has been bleak.  Cuts and shortfalls and questions about when and how much to draw from the rainy day fund and how the stimulus will be used and who will benefit. 

We think that it is time for an infusion of democracy and a show of solidarity at the Capitol!  That’s why ROP and our allies at PCUN, Oregon Action, AFSC, CALC, Center for Intercultural Organizing, and others are joining together for a Democracy Bailout Day of Action

On March 16th, the morning after the ROP Caucus and Strategy Session, we will come together to lift up our platform and call of Yes to Rebuilding Oregon and No to the War at Home and Abroad.  We will say yes to keeping the Guard in Oregon, no to Real ID implementation and assaults on immigrants, and yes to healthcare and vital human services and a tax structure that can generate the revenue that we need – and have! – instead of balancing the budget on the backs of the poor and most vulnerable members of our communities.  Then we’ll close with a lunch that allows members from each of our organizations to share a meal and celebrate our first collective day of action at the legislature! 

Bring your stories from home of the hope and hardship that your county is facing and pack up your carpool to make sure that your voices are heard in Salem!  There is no better way to give our legislators the support to do what is right (or the reminder that we are holding them accountable when they don’t) than to meet with them in person.  We know – and they know – that it is a long way from Baker City and from Klamath Falls and Coos Bay and Astoria, so when we make the trip as constituents, our legislators pay attention. 

We have personal visits scheduled with your representative and senator – and now we have to make sure that we have a team to meet with them!  Register today or call 503-543-8417 for more details.  We are also looking for legislative team leaders that are willing to be trained and supported to lead your delegation.  If you are interested in being a legislative team leader, please email