Democracy At Work: November Election Results

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While Oregon didn’t vote this November, most states did. A functional democracy requires a well-educated public that participates in the democratic process, so the turnout and results from last month are good news for those of us organizing to advance democracy and human dignity! Below we’ve included a few of the highlights we’ve been seeing.

What election results are you paying closest attention to? What is it making you think about how you want to prepare for 2024? ROP staff have been chatting with human dignity leaders across Oregon about their 2024 election organizing plans and preparing tools and resources to meet the needs of our pro-democracy movement. Want support making your team’s action plans? Have a campaign ramping up that we could amplify? Email your local organizer or Emma at!

Victories We’re Celebrating!

Ohio voters protected abortion access! This was the seventh time out of seven attempts that anti-abortion measures have been rejected by voters across the US since the Dobbs decision, which struck down the federal right to an abortion in June of 2022. Voters have said yet again that they believe in the freedom and bodily autonomy. Check out the Daily Yonder’s analysis of how rural voters were crucial to this victory!

Moms for Liberty candidates lost across the country!

Moms for Liberty is an organization that advocates against school curricula that mention 2SLGBTQIA+ rights, race and ethnicity, “critical race theory”, and discrimination. They have been working to ban books and unseat school board members across Oregon and the nation. In this election, they ran candidates in many states, and in response, communities resoundingly said that exclusion and discrimination don’t align with our values of justice and dignity for all.

From New York Magazine: “In Iowa, voters in the Linn-Mar School District rejected three candidates backed by Moms for Liberty. The group’s candidates also failed to win races in Mount Vernon, Cedar Rapids, and West Des Moines. Four Moms for Liberty candidates lost races in Minnesota’s Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan School District. … As [far-right groups like Moms for Liberty] push for book bans, whitewash American history, and try to drive LGBTQ+ teachers and students back into the closet, they’ve made plenty of enemies. Parents, especially mothers, have gone head to head with Moms for Liberty and the candidates it backs, stunting the far right’s march through local school boards. That trend was particularly apparent on Tuesday evening [November 7th] when anti-diversity candidates lost a number of pivotal school board races across the nation.”

Polls vs. Reality: Many folks saw headlines before results were in that Trump is polling better than Biden, and interpreted that as bad news for local elections. That’s not what happened though.

Indivisible, a national movement of thousands of local volunteer-led groups with a mission to elect progressive leaders and rebuild democracy, noted that our enemy in the coming months is fatalism. In a statement after election day, they said “We can’t win if people throw in the towel every time there’s a bad poll. To encourage more engagement, we need to be real with people, celebrate wins like yesterday’s, encourage more doing and less doom-scrolling, and focus on our own personally manageable piece of the puzzle.”


Emma and the ROP Team

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