Decline to Sign 2009!

Between now and Sept 25th, 2009 Americans Against Job Killing Taxes will be walking your streets to collect 55,000 signatures in an attempt to put the Tax Reform passed by the Oregon Legislature on the ballot. They hope that screaming “Tax Increase” will get voters to reject these tax reforms in January 2010.

The tax reform can best be described as getting the wealthiest 10% of Oregonians to pay their 10.8% into the tax pot just like you and I put our 9% in. The reform will only affect people that make $125,000 or more per year. It also raises the corportate minimum tax (which 2/3 of companies pay) from $10 to $150. Check out this article for more details.

Sign up here to DECLINE TO SIGN this petition. If these make it to the ballot they will be costly abuses of democracy and will undoubtedly pit working people on the left and right against each other in order to protect the wealthy few.

Stand up as an American for Fair Taxes; or an American for Job Creating Infrustructure Based on a Fair Tax System; or even an American for Taxing the Wealthy and the Workers at an Equal Rate. Or whatever your favorite lengthy title is!


To be a DECLINE TO SIGNer send an email to

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Let us know if you see petition collectors in your town.