Tuition Equity vote tomorrow morning!‏

Immigrant Allies, we need your support!

Reach for your phone.  As soon as you finish reading this email, please make a phone call to your state Senator in support of the Tuition Equity Bill.


This bill will grant in-state tuition to youth who have graduated from Oregon schools, regardless of the country they were born in or their immigration status.  Our youth need this bill, and we need these youth to be prepared to help keep our beautiful state strong and thriving.  More background on the bill is at Causa’s website.


The bill was passed in February with strong support by the Oregon House of Representatives (38-18 vote), but the Senate vote is expected to be much closer.

Click here to use your zip code to easily find your Senator’s phone number.

Simply tell your Senator that you hope they will vote YES on the Tuition Equity bill tomorrow morning.  A few talking points:


·         Please support House Bill 2787

·         Tuition Equity is a great investment in Oregon’s 21st century economy by keeping top talent here

·         Tuition Equity makes sure our K-12 investment doesn’t go to waste

·         Tuition Equity will help create the educated workforce Oregon needs to compete

·         Please support House Bill 2787 (yes, you should say it twice)


Please call the Senators in your district – we are counting on you!  Let’s keep those phones ringing all night until the vote happens late tomorrow morning.

Looking forward to a victory tomorrow (fingers crossed)!!!