Check out where your legislators stand

Dear ROPnet,

Yesterday, our legislators got individual report cards delivered to their office in Salem. Some were great! Others, well… They could use some work.

Check out how your legislators did on the Facing Race: 2013 Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity — download it here and bring it to your group!

The report card was developed by a coalition of organizations in Oregon who track issues of human dignity and racial equity. Many of these groups are leaders on issues that human dignity groups worked on this legislative session, including Causa Oregon, Basic Rights Oregon, and others. The report card was intentionally released on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday to commemorate his work for democracy and justice.

This is good information for local human dignity groups to look at and chew on. Are there ways your group can recognize your legislator for being a human dignity champion? Is this the time for your group to schedule a meeting with your legislators to let them know how you feel about how your district was represented? Send us an email at if you’d like to chat through some strategies!

These grades are based on how legislators voted on the 21 bills that would advance racial equity brought to a vote over the last legislative session. Of those 21 bills, 18 were passed, including historic victories such as tuition equity, allowing undocumented students who went to Oregon high schools to pay in-state tuition while attending college or university.

Let us know how your group discussion goes! We look forward to hearing how your group used this information!