Building Rural Power: Coronavirus and Beyond!

There are many ways that the ROP network is actively organizing during Coronavirus. Around the state, rural leaders are creating systems of mutual support to get us through this pandemic and build power toward our long-term vision of dignity and justice for all!

Member groups can access ROP’s Zoom account to host virtual meetings to continue your work, and we have also held multiple online strategy sessions to brainstorm and work together across the state. You can watch or listen to the recordings of the strategy sessions below. You can also check out this list of resources compiled from tools local leaders have shared on these strategy sessions and hundreds of conversations with human dignity groups.

Recordings of Online Strategy Sessions:

3/18 Rural Community Coronavirus Response (watch a recording here).

3/31 Log In, Call Up, Speak Out: Information Access for All (watch the recording here).

4/2 Building Rural Power: Coronavirus and Beyond (watch the recording here).

4/7 Feeding Our Communities Through Pandemic (watch the recording here).

Hosting Meetings with ROP’s Zoom Account:

If your group would like to meet on Zoom, reach out to us by emailing and we can get you set up with our account. Is your group interested in joining the ROP network? Learn more about becoming a member group here. New to Zoom? Check out the recording of our How to Host Online Meetings with Zoom training (watch the recording here).

Steps for scheduling a Zoom meeting for your group:

1. Check the calendar below to ensure no other meetings are scheduled at that time.

2. Log in to ROP’s Zoom account and schedule your meeting.

3. Post your meeting time (without call-in information!) to the Public Zoom calendar and put your group’s name as the title of the meeting.

4. Host your meeting! For more on Zoom facilitation and security tips, check out the recording of our How to How to Host Online Meetings with Zoom training (watch the recording here).

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