Bring Your Money Home

Our Time is Now!  
Join ROP in…
Building a Peoples’ Economy
that values and protects
the real wealth of our communities:
our health, our environment, our education
and each and every one of us.
Building a fair economy,
a democratic economy means
Bringing Our Money Home

 Action: Local Investment to Fund our People’s Economy 

We all have control over a small fraction of the wealth in our communities. Are we using this power to extract wealth from our community or to support infrastructure that will put our community first? There are many ways to invest in local wealth: by volunteering at a local service organization, growing a community garden, or advocating for the inclusion of all in our democracy.
One concrete way to invest in local is to do just that, put our money where our mouth is and bring our money home. ROP is coordinating a statewide campaign to develop organizing leaders to move individuals and organizations’ money to our local banks and credit unions, and shift the balance of power away from Wall Street and towards people in our communities that we know and can hold accountable. 

Download Campaign Materials to use in your community today! 

April 2011 Update

Rural Oregonians have been leading the way in the Move Your Money campaign- moving their own funds to local community banks and credit unions and encouraging local institutions to do the same.  Let’s keep up the organizing! Use the above materials to organize in your community.  Contact cara(at) for support in your community’s campaign.

In the 2011 Legislative Cycle, ROP has been organizing for an Oregon State Bank.  Read more here.

July 2009 Update

ROP’s People’s Economy is moving ahead toward people-centered economies and we are building a popular movement of community minded savvy folks to lead the way!

By the end of July we’ll have started moving this campaign in 15 communities around Oregon, from Baker City to Stayton and Cave Junction to Astoria. ROP friends and allies are moving their money out of Bailout Banks and into community banks; they are digging to find out who owns the resources of their communities; & you all are investigating which organizations might switch to local banking, moving some significant cash into the local economy. Because, when the rubber hits the road, we can’t make many improvements without bringing money back into our counties. And what better money to bring back than our own!

What we are discovering won’t surprise you. Rural Oregonians are incredibly invested in their local communities and economies! ROP members are ahead of the curve when it comes to local banking, sustainable development & community involvement.

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