Better Broadband, and Affordable Utilities for All!

Across the network, rural organizers have been calling for broadband internet to be considered a public utility. Given the massive power outages of recent weeks both in Oregon and across the country, we are excited to expand tomorrow’s strategy session about internet access to include improving our utilities more broadly. From electricity to broadband internet, how are we ensuring that all community members are connected to essential public services through any crisis, whether it be severe winter weather or a global pandemic?  

Groups across the state have been distributing hotspots to children and families in need, providing hot meals and sharing generators among those without power, and pushing both the state legislature and Congress to support local governments in building and maintaining these important pieces of public infrastructure. Want to join the conversation and strategize with other rural organizers about how to take action on these issues? Join us tomorrow for a statewide strategy session! 

Better Broadband, Basically (and Affordable Utilities for All!) 

Tuesday, February 23rd, 6:30-8 pm PST

Graphic with text that reads: Better Broadband, Basically + Affordable Utilities for All! Tuesday, Feb 23rd, 6:30 to 8:30pm.

Broadband internet has never been more essential than during the pandemic, and many communities are still struggling to get connected because of ridiculously high prices, lack of physical infrastructure, or both. What can we do to push local and state governments toward truly accessible broadband internet as well as other utilities? How can we work with our utilities and elected officials to bolster community infrastructure and include broadband internet among the essential services every community member should have access to? What grassroots efforts are already gaining traction in rural Oregon? Register here to join the conversation by phone or computer. 

What’s going on in your community? How is your group taking action to bolster public infrastructure from electric power to internet access and beyond? Even if you can’t join us we want to hear from you! Email us at to share what you are up to!

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