Being Bold and Occupying Space

If you are like me, the buzz of this moment is so invigorating that you can hardly stand to step away from your computer. I am eager to find out the location of the next “Occupy” event in Oregon, or to receive the next email on creative ways progressives are promoting a vision for a people-centered economy.  Ultimately, this moment is about being bold and taking up more space.
Human dignity groups are jumping in and adding to this moment.  Here is just a snapshot of some of the ways ROPers and human dignity groups are making our vision bold:

We are sending delegates to New York and Washington DC:  Several ROPers are making the trip across the country for Occupy Wall Street and Freedom Plaza in DC, including Leah Bolger of Benton County who will be tweeting on a regular basis from DC. Follow her messages at #leahbolger and stay tuned to ROPnet, the ROP website and our facebook page for direct updates. Use the website to post your local events.

We are planning our own bold actions: While “Occupy” events are being set up from Ashland to Cottage Grove to a rural contingent in Portland, we are also making plans for a fall season of coordinated statewide bold action.  ROP is facilitating statewide planning with human dignity groups on strategies and next steps.  We are looking for regional point people to be leads for the planning.  If you want to be a part of this conversation, email

We are framing our vision for a progressive economy with our District 1 Candidate Forum:  On Tuesday Oct. 11th, ROP, District 1 human dignity groups and allies are holding an event with the candidates for District 1’s vacated seat in the House of Representatives.  Voices of Rural Oregon: A Kitchen Table Conversation is not just a candidate forum, it is a dialogue between community members and our future elected official, stemming from local people sharing their personal stories.  Progressive small-town residents of District 1 will be coming out in full force to interview our next elected on their ability to be bold, have backbone, and promote a people-centered economy and world order, using the Contract for the American Dream as our frame for the conversation.

If you are not already planning to be there, it’s not too late to join us. RSVP to let us know you are coming.  Carpools are being organized from all over District 1. Details here.

Date: October 11, 2011
Time: 6:00pm
Location: St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church
51555 SW Old Portland Rd.
Scappoose, OR 97056


We are occupying more space in our communities:  Human dignity groups occupy the frontlines, identifying strategies to respond to deep recession and political divisions in our communities. Just last week ROP and

Yamhill County Contractors for the American Dreamhosted a Roundtable conversation with a diverse body of community members and leaders.  The goal was to bring together voices that represented a variety of interests and passions to develop a list of leaders with integrity, backbone, honesty and a sense of justice, to shape a vision for a progressive Yamhill County.  This conversation was an initial step towards identifying folks that have what it takes to represent the real needs of real people in elected office.   Not only did the Roundtable result in a vibrant conversation identifying over 25 community members with the right stuff, it also developed initial strategies to get folks elected and support them when/if facing political isolation for their values. Finally, a leadership team was established which will map out an action plan for 2012 and beyond. (If you are interested in hosting a similar Roundtable in your community, contact

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