Aug 2008 KTA: Making Our STAND: Order ROP Voter Guides by August 15th.

This month’s Kitchen Table Activism is to make your order for ROP’s Voter Guide, STAND: Small Town Actions for New Democracy.  Our voter guide – designed by and for small town and rural voters – is renowned for breaking down confusing ballot initiatives and making tough issues accessible all within a pro-democracy, common sense framework that appeals to a broad spectrum of the community.  

WHY THIS ACTIVITY?  Times are tough right now.  It is hard to to address the many crises that the economy and the war and racism and cuts to rural communities are delivering to our doorsteps.  And the sad and outrageous truth is that the ballot initiatives in Oregon this year do practically nothing to address the real pain of our communities and instead try to use that fear and desperation to do even more damage.  This year’s ballot would cut services to communities, widen the gap between the rich and poor, and target immigrants, unions, and teachers.  It’s up to us, no one else can do it, to stop this damage and make sure our neighbors don’t fall for these tricks. 

And the upside?  It’s fun and easy to get the word out!  ROP packages the goods for you and then leaves it to you to figure out the best way to reach your neighbors and make sure they are informed and participating this election year.   Of course we are always happy to brainstorm with you!



  1. Check out the order form below that includes a sampling of what will be included in this year’s STAND Voters Guide.
  2. Decide the ways that you will deliver your ballot guides.  Will you go door to door for a “knock and drop” once ballots arrive in mid-October?  Will you mail them to your contact list or pull a list of voters from the VAN (ask ROP how!) that you most want to connect with?  Will you hand them out at ballot forums or other public gatherings?   We encourage you to have a plan for personalized delivery as well.  Leaving 15 in a stack at your favorite coffee shop may be a great idea, but leaving 50 means they are headed for the recycling! 
  3. Total up the number of guides that you want to order and complete the order form below by August 15th!  If you want to talk through ideas, feel free to email or call ROP.  We would love to help you figure out your delivery plan!

Rural Organizing Project’s Pro-Democracy Voter’s Guide 2008


We want people to vote.  And we want them to understand the issues.  Informed people are both more inclined to vote and to vote in a more progressive manner.  Each major election cycle ROP puts together a short voter’s guide made especially by and for small town and rural voters, “STAND: Small Town Actions for A New Democracy.”  It is legal for non-profits to use.

We analyze the statewide ballot measures using the non-ideological tools of the Democracy Grid and focusing on whether the measures propose a Workable Solution to the problems facing our state and communities. This framework has a history of attracting and assisting voters who want to do the right thing but are feeling confused and frustrated by election time spin.  Short conversational narrative, clear and concise language without a lot of rhetoric, and simple charts present the information.   We guide prospective voters to engage in critical thinking that is relevant to small town communities through a pro-democracy frame for making election 2008 conclusions – all of which help small town folks feel motivated to have their votes counted.

Here’s what you’ll find in the ROP Voter’s Guide this year:

·    Recommendations on ballot measures in accessible, jargon-free language;
·    Talking points for tough issues – economic justice, peace, immigration, prisons, and more;
·    Election basics – helpful reminders for voters new and old;
·    Tips on how to evaluate candidates and hold them accountable after election day

It is formatted on one large sheet of newsprint, folded to read as 4 pages.  Local groups can include an 8 ½” by 11″ or smaller insert personalized for local issues and needs.  Orders need to be placed by August 15th.  Delivery will be by September 15th.  Each group is asked to reimburse costs of production and postage.

Group Name: _________________________________________________________

Contact Person: _______________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________   Email: ___________________________________

How many do you want?   __ 5000   __ 2500   __ 1000   __ 500   Other __________

Number that you intend to:  _______ mail   ________ hand deliver

Address to ship order to ________________________________________________

ROP covers the design and content costs for member groups. We ask that each group cover printing and postage.  (Additional donations always welcome.)  Printing costs are estimated at: $49/1000; $27/500; and $15/250.  Postage will vary based on location and weight.

Complete this form by August 15th and email to or mail to P.O. Box 1350, Scappoose, OR 97056